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  1. I notice there has been some rather heated debate about pricing policy and that this debate is bordering on the abusive side. As forum admin, we are obliged to monitor wherever we can and to assist the individual forum admins if necessary. Remember, many manufacturers bring out new versions of their product on a regular basis - especially cars. You cannot expect any discount or refund if you buy the outgoing model a couple of months before the end of the series. You might (notice that word "might" - there is no obligation in any statute) get discounts on the outgoing models. But generally, the old models will work for a normal lifespan anyway. The same goes with software. Just because you have had better discounts or other periods of notice or other benefits from company A, this does not mean company B is obliged to do same. On the other hand, the support for FSC 8 has been free for years now, so have updates. You didn't know about updates? They're often announced on "news" sites - our own simFlight news page tries to keep you informed, so do other sites like Aerosoft, Avsim, Flightsim... "CAVEAT EMPTOR" is a fair statement - "Let the buyer beware" - now that does have some grounding in law, just as the fact that a seller must sell products according to his announced policies. In a "Salomonic" decision, I would say there was fair notification. I will say there has been extremely generous support - I bought FS Commander X over three years ago and it was no great rocket science to get the free updates when they were announced. When Sascha and Volker say they will not support FSC 8 any further, I am sure that that will not stop you getting help for any user problems if you post them here. You just won't get any fixes for any new problems discovered. You bought FSC 8.x and think you have been cheated because you bought without discovering the new release? Why cry about it, you have a GOOD piece of software that will continue to work excellently for you - you don't need version 9 to have a good FS tool. Just like if you buy a Garmin "A" GPS and then discover a Garmin "B" GPS a day later... You will be able to use the prior version for a long time to come so do not complain bitterly about cheating on the part of the maker. We at the simFlight network support the makers of many excellent addons by giving them a forum to offer their customers a free support platform. Do not abuse this privilege we give both to the makers and to you, the users by using abusive or threatening behaviour in a public forum. This only reduces you in the eyes of our intelligent readership. Remaining "Salomonic" I will also say that there will be no bannings (yet) for concerned and worried posting. Just do not blame others for your own failings please and remain clear headed. Think both sides of the situation through and please read Volker and Sascha's comments in the light of fair play and still a need to be fairly rewarded for excellent programming skills - or could any of the detractors here honestly say they could do better for the price? Volker, Sascha, please keep, delete or make this post sticky as you wish. My words here are an expansion of the "rules" that every simFlight Network forum member has to agree to before he can access chat and support forums.
  2. New day, new forum

  3. I just followed this thread here from the PC forum where it was originally posted. Sounds like a problem I had a while back - indeed I had a corrupt FSX installation and the only or best cure was to completely re-install FSX from the DVDs, then add all the patches and updates and install Acceleration from the DVD and then install addons like FSUIPC. That really worked for me. Sounds very much like a corrupt FSX install to me too - I shan't even voice my other thoughts. :wink:
  4. Thanks Pete - btw. run as admin on the install - but I didn't in FSX... after all, I installed the darn software, Windows always used to recognise me in the past... or is it my deodorant? :lol:
  5. [edit] Flaming Vista! I'd read many of your "RTFM" stuff with FSUIPC before and with previous versions. I didn't this time - what could be different? After all, it is only FSUIPC? Little did I reckon with the Redmond restricting our rights in FSX and Vista. Those restrictive rules they have embodied are a right PITA. I have had Vista a few days and I am ready to reformat C and go back to XP... Sorry Pete - problem solved. I shall open all my programs as admin in future. I'll leave my message in below for those who may experience same. Chris Hi Pete, I bought FSUIPC for FSX at version 4.11 I have recently re-installed FSX et al after converting to Vista. I installed 4.11 went flying. found the menu entry, filled in the details, clicked "OK" and then "confirnm" Closed FSX, restarted FSX... Still unregistered. I have done this several different ways now, ranging from installing just 4.11 then registering Installing 4.11 and the updates and then registering Installing just 4.12 and then registering. Each time I clean out the FSUIPC items in "modules" I am clicking "Run as admin" Oh, and I have manually copied, CTRL C copied and generally tried different ways of entering the reg code. My FSX set up right now. SP1, SDK to SP1 and 1a, Photoscenery fix. Active sky and graphics X. Any clues for me? TIA
  6. Payment through Simflight, download from your link - Zone Labs firewall and scanner running. Install and registration OK (After I typed my name in full as per the "account" and not just "Chris" - Darn! That had me guessing for a few moments :lol: ) Works OK - exactly as I'd have expected. Thanks Pete! Really good tool - I have the FS9 version too, of course, so it is familiar territory. I don't care what the nay-sayers say about the cost - it is well worth it! You desrve the rewards for your eforts. Now to RTFM and find out how to map the bit below the X52 throttle detente as reverse thrust... I haven't read yet, so if you do care to answer, no worries... Thanks again, especially for being so quick with the SX version.
  7. Francois is away on holiday for the moment and he may not check soon, so we'll wait on that. But about names being unique - check mine too, There's only two registered in Germany and the other one's my ex-wife :lol: "Brisland" No shame in using your real name here - many do. Or have you got something to hide? :wink: Viel Spaß beim Mitmachen.
  8. I was looking for the aibridge addin and can't find it. The link in your site doesn't seem to bring anything sensible - just a strange page with odd links and a picture of some sky - the title just says Flysplash.org. Is Jose's part of the site down? Anywhere else we can find this addin? EDIT Oooops - corrected - found at avsim ANOTHER EDIT This is fun - if I follow the link to Jose's from your Schiratti page and enter AIBridge into the search box, I get a link back to the Schiratti page...
  9. Fair comments Pete. As far as I can tell though, FSX has the same envmap in use and the same principles. OK, a graphics problem - maybe. I thought of FSUIPC because it can tell the time (weather, location...) and pass this on. The proposed module would not need a graphics specialist though, but someone who could create a module that changes a file on the fly. I can see now, that this texture is like the scenery textures (i.e. you need a reboot) But if it's numbers, nothing is impossible - it just hasn't been done yet. Whoever does this would need to move the new envmap into RAM and overwrite the present "scenery texture" ones and zeros - so they'd have to know FS9 source. Just needs someone from MS to read this and get the idea :wink: Thanks for your patience
  10. Hi Pete, I have just been thinking about what info FSUIPC can access during a flight. Perhaps you would care to comment? You may well be aware of the envmap.bmp texture in the FS9/textures folder? This is the background reflection that adds an image to the shine. Well how about if this could be changed in flight according to season, weather or location? What I would envisage is FSUIPC sending appropriate date to a module and calling a new envmap.bmp from a library of appropriate images. At a guess, I'd say this is possible. The problem may be in convincing FS9 to change envmaps "on the fly". At the moment it appears you have to shut down and restart FS9 each time. I have posted a couple of images here: http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?t=55665 Now that would be a pretty piece of eye candy.
  11. Ah, thanks Burkhard - das werde ich gleich ausprobieren!
  12. Forgive me if you have answered these questions before, simply point me at the answers... 1. On some airports the aircraft are well misplaced - quite a way from where they should be. Noticeably Aerosoft Frankfurt, Berlin Schoenefeld, Bremen (Pictures attached) 2. There is also a problem with the taxiways - for instance, in Hamburg the planes all taxi to runway 15 on the grass between the taxiway and the runway - and take off wrong too. I don't know whether this is MT specific - although things were OK before. But what makes me think is that in Hamburg the "show taxiway route" when I want to take off is also misplaced. Any ideas? Are there known fixes? Is this something "RTFM"? I notice that in "basic" default airports things look a lot better. Many thanks in advance.
  13. Eskimo proverb: Give a man a fish and he has a meal. Teach a man to catch fish and he never goes hungry again. __________________________________________________________ Asking for help is nothing to be ashamed about - if you learn the skill and don't just grab a meal.
  14. May I just resurrect this post with a question of my own please? (OK, so I am not waiting for an answer :wink: ) I, too, have MYTraffic 2006 - along with severe FPS issues. I think I have the patch correctly installed, but I don't see much improvement. Then I saw the various comments (Burkhard) about DXT 1 and/or DXT 3 textures. I am not really pusrsuing this matter too vigorously at the moment,, as I am building a complete new PC based on the FX62 / Radeon X1900 XTX (I sincerely hope that this will cope with present FS9 matters :lol: ) But the DXT angle seems interesting. Would this be graphics card relate? i.e. drivers etc.?
  15. There are plenty of other modules - sure - I was just hoping that you might have knowledge of this effect and maybe know what the cause may be. Obviously FS9 is doing something - I am just not wise enough in that aspect of the sim. Might have something to do with the addon in that area. I have just spent a longer while around Lukla and it doesn't happen there.
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