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  1. Hi Pete, That sounds good. As long as you keep the "work around" in future versions that will be fine for me. Thanks again. Stiletto2
  2. Hi Pete, Thanks so much for working on this. I just tested the new .dll file under Windows 7 Ultimate. I can confirm, after limited testing, that once you have done just one switch from full screen to windowed and then back again, FSUIPC does see the keypresses even after I click on the 4th screen. I tried several different sequences of clicking and flying as well as going back and forth from full to windowed and so far, I get 100% keypress recognition regardless of which screens I am clicking on. All I have to remember is to initially do a full to windowed to full switch and I am good to go. I can also confirm that after doing the windows switch, I don't have to do it again as long as I don't terminate FSX. FSX remembers even if I go back to the main FSX screen and load different flights. It is also interesting to note that if I start in Windowed mode and then switch to Full Screen that doesn't do the trick . It has to be a switch from full to windowed and back to full. Seems like a small price to pay to get the keypress recognition I am looking for. Thanks for your work on this. Stiletto2
  3. Hi Pete, This is a reminder as requested. If you would like, I can back burner this until mid-January...let me know. Rod
  4. Hi Pete, Just bumping this as you requested to see if you are able to pursue this little problem further at this time. Let me know. Thanks. Stiletto2
  5. Ooh ....a 10 foot wide screen with a GTX 480....sounds nice. I will check back now and then to see if you have had a chance to find out anything more on this little problem. Thanks for all of your interest and attention. Stiletto2
  6. I am using NVidia GTX 285 ....I think the driver is fairly old but works for me...driver number: 196.21 Here is a pic of my resolution screen and how it looks as well as a pic of the screens themselves: Stiletto2
  7. Hi Pete, I think I am just saying it wrong. My system should be a lot like your 2 screen system except my 1st screen stretches across 3 screens. I think of it as a single desktop since my mouse can go across all but the 3 screens (TH2GO) are the ones that have the taskbar across the bottom. The 4th screen just has the wallpaper showing. W7 Screen Resolution shows the 3 screens as one single large screen -- Display Number 1 and the 4th screen as Display number 2. Display Number 1 is set as my main display. FSX also records them as Display number 1 and Display number 2. When I run FSX in full screen mode it only shows on Display Number 1 leaving Display Number 2 blank. It is when I am clicked on Display number 2 (from a Windows logical perspective) that FSUIPC doesn't see the keyboards strokes. Your 2 screen system could be used the same way with screen 1 showing FSX in full screen and screen 2 blank....then you should be able to test the GPS drag down and/or clicking on display 2. Stiletto2
  8. No. It is as if I never depressed the "z" at all. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate. It is important to note that the screen set up at Desktop is using "extened disiplays" so that my desktop is all 4 screens (3 through TH2GO into one graphics port and 1 screen in the 2nd graphics port). I can move my mouse through all 4 screens. I didn't even use the GPS for one of the tests so it doesn't have a lot to do with the GPS other than that is what casues me to click on the 4th screen. There was no undocking of windows (that only is done when running FSX in a windowed mode operation). Once I am in Full Screen mode when flying, the 4th screen is blank. And since I can move my mouse through all 4 screens, I did the test simply by clicking on the main screens (with the scenery on it) and then alternatively clicking on the blank 4th screen. I also tested with the GPS. In order to get the GPS into the 4th screen, while in Full Screen mode and flying, I opened View...Instrument Panel....and selected GPS. The GPS screen then pops up on the main flying screens. At that point I simply drag it down to the 4th screen since it is one continuous desktop. There is no "undock option". At that point, I get the same test results even if I only click on the GPS face when doing the 4th screen clicking. You should be able to recreate this as I know of many flyers who drag the GPS screen to another screen. As far as it never having been reported before, it would require someone using the extra screen for a clickable display (e.g. GPS) and using the FSUIPC KeyPress option and not clicking on the main screen very often. I use Project Magenta on a separate computer and GoFlight modules so I don't do a lot of clicking on the main screen. Otherwise the pilot would be clicking back on the main screen so often (radios etc.) that they might only rarely use a FSUIPC KeyPress after clicking on the GPS and before clicking on the main screens again. That really narrows down the field. For those people left their experience might be that they would notice that the FSUIPC Key Presses would not always work but wouldn't know why. It was just luck that I stumbled onto the fact that it was because I had clicked on the 4th screen and not yet clicked again on the main screens. Or maybe there is some other reason. Stiletto2
  9. Hi Pete, Sorry about the term "custom controls". All I meant to talk about was that a KeyPress that was programmed in FSUIPC sends a "control". The logging feature is great. Debugging used to be one of my greatest talents when I was in the computer business. The logging tells me beyond a shadow of a doubt that when I am clicked on screen 4 (in Full Screen mode), FSUIPC does not see the keystrokes.,.....however, FSX does!!!!! I simply used the "z" key, and followed a written sequence between clicking on the main screens and clicking on screen 4...whenever I clicked on screen 4, FSUIPC did not see the subsequent keystrokes until I clicked on the main screens again (so this isn't even an issue of what's programmed in the Key Press section- though that is when the problem is noticed). However, while I was clicked on screen 4, the AP light on the plane's cockpipt console continued to go on and off as I would depress the "z" key on and off (thus verifying that FSX was seeing the keystrokes) even though the FSUIPC log did not record those keystrokes!. This problem could be quite anoying for flyers who use full screen mode and drag their GPS to another screen.....to them it would seem like FSUIPC intermittently recognizes the programmed keypresses (they wouldn't remember when they last clicked on the GPS or on the main screen). Any chance FSUIPC can be modified to still see the keystrokes after mouse clicking on the extra screen (while in full screen mode) just like FSX does? Thanks for all of your time in responding to this issue. Stiletto2
  10. Hi Pete, Interesting......actually FS does see the keyboard keypresses (e.g. "z" for autopilot on/off) when I have clicked on the 4th screen which I believe is still inside the Full Screen purview of FS. However, FS does not see the custom control output for keypresses that are custom programed in FSUIPC in the same situation. That would tell me that FSUIPC is seeing the keypress but unable to output the custom control to FSX in this situation...don't know why. Stiletto2
  11. Hi Pete, Thanks for the reply. I may have confused things a bit by mentioning the GPS. This problem exists even if I don't drag the GPS to the 4th screen so therefore has nothing to do with the GPS. All I have to do is click on the blank 4th screen and FSUIPC Key Presses apparently doesn't see any keyboard activity or at least doesn't generate the proper FSX command until I click on one of the 3 TH2GO screens and try the same key combination. After some additional testing, it is important that I mention that I run FSX in Full Screen mode. The problem does not exist in Windowed Mode. I should also mention that the Couatl (DreamTeam) addon does see the key strokes. It is only the FSUIPC Key Presses addon that does not see the key strokes when I am in Full Screen mode and click on the screen that does not contain the main FSX display. Best as I can tell, for the problem to appear, one has to be using FSUIPC Key Presses and be running in full screen and be using an extra screen to drag things like the GPS display into where you would click on it. Stiletto2
  12. I have a couple of custom KeyPresses programmed for FSX (e.g. Autopilot Off) in FSUIPC. I am using TH2GO on one graphic port and a single screen on the other. I drag the GPS to the single screen when flying. If I click on the single screen (e.g. button on the GPS) the custom KeyPresses are no longer recognized by FSUIPC.....However, if I click on any of the 3 TH2GO screens the custom keypresses are recognized. It is as if the KeyPress part of FSUIPC is turned off when I click on the GPS screen which is on the 4th screen but it turns back on as soon as I click on one of the the 3 TH2GO Screens. I can reproduce this 100% of the time. Is there something I have set up improperly? Stiletto2
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