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  1. Hope you find a resolution soon Burkhard. Best Wishes, Ted
  2. Just wanted to update this issue. Eaglesoft thinks they found the cause of this and are working on an update. For anyone else experiencing these crashes, until the update is released, they can be prevented by reloading the aircraft after the flight and aircraft are initially loaded. Ted
  3. Pete, I appreciate what you have done so far and am impressed how much you were able to determine with the little information that was in the files I attached. I was just hoping that my narrowing the issue occurring to going from version 9.949 to 9.50 would give you a clue. I have attached a log from FSUIPC 4.949. I don't see anything different between it and 9.50 up to the line with .pln. In the flight that did not crash, 9.949, I flew the plane to the point that I knew it would not crash and then ended the flight manually. Anyway, do not waste anymore time analyzing this as I expect it
  4. Pete, I have attached the FSUIPC log file and event viewer details for the api.dll crash I got with FSUIPC 4.95. I also attached the FSUIPC 4.953 log file to my first post above. There isn't much in the log files. I did a search on the event id and exception code but did not come up with anything specific. Hopefully something in the event viewer details will mean something to you. Thanks, Ted FSUIPC4.95.log api.dll crash event viewer details.txt
  5. I had a little time to do some more testing this morning. The Eaglesoft Citation X flies fine for me up through FSUIPC 4.949. With FSUIPC 4.95 and higher the sim stops functioning shortly after takeoff with an api.dll fault in the event viewer. When and if I get time I will dig into it a little deeper with Process Explorer and Process Monitor, but that is about the limit of my knowledge on the inner workings of windows processes. Ted
  6. I experienced it mostly in the Los Angeles area. One afternoon earlier this week I had my airline traffic set at 15% and my sim continuously crashed with the Ntdll.dll error while trying to load a flight at KLAX. After I changed the military traffic to passive it started right up and everything was fine. Ted
  7. Thanks Pete. Understood on the no support for older versions. Unfortunately I have no other option with this plane at this time if it doesn't work with your latest FSUIPC and the latest NAV database. I'll let you know if I get any improvement. Ted
  8. What's got me confused is that the latest FSUIPC works with the old data and the old FSUIPC works with the new data, but the new data and the new FSUIPC crashes. If Ed can't figure it out and he developed the CX then I probably won't have much luck either. At least I can still use the CX in FSX with the older FSUIPC. I have FSX, P3Dv2, and P3Dv3 on my system. Is there a way I can tell the FSUIPC installer not to update FSX when I run the installer to update P3D? Currently it updates all 3 which in most cases would be just fine. I'm not at my flight sim computer to look at the manual so if
  9. I have MyTraffic version 6.0A installed in both P3Dv3 and FSX. When I tune to the atis at either KLAS or KDEN many runways are listed as active that do not exist at these airports. Looking at the airport information available from the simulation maps also lists a lot of grass runways at KDEN and ice runways at KLAS that do not exist there. This is the same for P3D and FSX. These extra runways are not shown when when you use the "go to airport" pull down menus. If I disable MyTraffic scenery in the scenery library these extra runways are removed from the airport information accessed t
  10. Thanks for the feedback Pete. I don't know what the cause of these crashes are other than the API.dll fault in the event viewer. All I know is that something is incompatible when the newer versions of FSUIPC, latest NAV DATA and the Citation X are installed together. I will try the FSUIPC 4.954c version. I don't know anything about the inner working of .dlls or memory management. Can you recommend a tool that I can use to investigate these memory access violations? Thanks, Ted
  11. Pete, I have been experiencing a "the sim has stop working" error using the Eaglesoft Citation X also and may be able to add some helpful information. I installed the latest version of the CX into P3DV3 with the FSUIPC 4.95 and the latest airac cycle 1605. I was getting sim crashes at numerous airports. I concentrated on a departure from Las Vegas using the following flightplan for testing as I was getting consistent crashes right after takeoff seconds after reducing the throttle from TO to CLB. KLAS 25R BOACH6 HEC RIIVR2 KLAS I then updated to FSUIPC 4.953 but that did not solv
  12. I was doing some testing/comparing and noticed that I had more traffic at KSFO in MS FSX than P3D with the default airports at the same date/time. My traffic setting was at 30% in both Sims. I had to boost the setting in P3D up to 50-75% to get the same amount of parked airport traffic as FSX. First of all I have version 5.4b in FSX and version 6 with the patch in P3D. Then I did a traffic bgl file search in both sims and found the following: The Communicator found in FSX: F:\FSX\MyTraffic\Scenery\MyTrafficclosed.bgl F:\FSX\MyTraffic\Scenery\Mytrafficcommercial.bgl F:\FSX\MyTraf
  13. I was having ntdll crashes with version 5.4c, as others have reported, so I uninstalled MyTraffic completely and am starting over. I manually removed all the remnants that the uninstaller missed on the drives and in the registry. I have re-installed 5.4 and it seems to be working well. I have a few questions on the update process: 1) Can I install 5.4a and 5.4b one after the other or do I need to start FSX and use My traffic between updates? 2) Do I need to reboot my computer after and between updates? 3) Do I need to do any online updates from my communicator during the update proce
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