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  1. Hi Pete, Just a quick report to close this off to finality. I cannot recreate my own issue even by swapping the old ini back in. Something got corrupted on my old PC which found its way into the new build (by copy and paste) but rebuilding the ini on both has fixed the issue on both, but I cannot narrow it down. As I said above, straight out placing the old ini back in (in the old PC) does not bring the critical moment back. Rebuilding the ini seems to have "cleared" it on going (despite putting the original back in to force the issue). If somebody in the future ever comes
  2. Hi Pete, Definatively, deleting the ini and rebuilding a new one, and resetting everything back up through the interface has solved the problem, as I have also done it on the old retired from simming PC and it is "fixed" now too. Everything works as it should; and works like it never has for at least 6 years on two different installations. I have listed the differences between the ini files below; from reading the manuals regarding each entry I can't see why any of these would stop the client. The old ini value is on the left and the new (default) value is to the right of the /.
  3. Hi Pete, Happy Easter. On the flight back to Sydney yesterday I had several hours to devote thought time to this problem and I also re-read this entire post from beginning to end and the biggest hint came from me. It is possible that I have solved the problem. Last night I completed a successful flight; like I have never had before, using RC4. The clue was "I pretty much replicated my set up from my 2011 PC to my 2016 PC I built last year" and "it happens on that PC as well" (but I was oblivious to the problem until recently) and I thought back to how I installed FSUIPC on the n
  4. Thanks Pete, I have read all three posts. And thank you for checking all of this. My first post is accurate and the subsequent posts really were attempts to give more information as we were trying to get on the same page and they inevitably could have become unhelpful. The behaviour (as opposed to what is happening technically) is consistent and - ... maybe the nub of the matter. But the what is quite confounding as there is not much to eliminate, AS16 is the only application running apart from the ATC add on (RC4 or PF3) and I only have MT6a and FTX AI installed, with only
  5. No problems at all Pete, I am tied up over the next week until Good Friday anyway, so as we say, in your own time!
  6. Hi Pete, Try this from SYD starting position S 33 56.6 E 151 11.0 HDG 223 to S 35 03.3 E 149 57.6. "It" should occur before S 35 E 149. A different route from MEL starting position S 37 39.6 E 144 50.5 HDG 043 to S 36 10.9 E 147 04.2. "It" should occur before S 36 E 147. Kind regards, Mark
  7. Okay, I see what you want to do. I will put something together hopefully tomorrow- I have ran out of night! Cheers, Mark
  8. Good question. Not immediately but in a minute or so one was however the others did not show on my ND. I have MT6 too, and without being too fancy, if you do a flight plan DCT WOL H65 RAZZI Q29 ML and depart Sydney 16L climb to FL320 with AI capped at 75 (or 100, or even greater, I have found it makes no difference on the route) with your slider at 35 (MT6 recommended for real schedules) you should with some certainty be able to reproduce it. Canberra is the airport on route with only a few aircraft on the ground. Or DCT DOSEL Y59 TESAT DCT SY depart Melbourne 34, and climb to FL
  9. Hi Pete and Good Morning! Well, success this time, in so far as I ran without RC4, and with just two TrafficLook.exe's open, one for airborne and one for ground, and I got a restart traffic scanning once I left the Departure Airport reality bubble - the log is attached and there were about 6 aircraft airborne and 1 on the ground (Albury). Interestingly, both the Airborne and Ground TrafficLook files were empty after the restart and remained empty, even though right clicking the screen in sim, and looking at the list of AI aircraft and selecting them to see where they were (about 6 fl
  10. Hi Pete, Wilco. Interesting- I only use RC4, AS16 and FSX/A. That is all that is running but I do have AIDupe.dll that eliminates duplicate AI (which can be quite a lot with MT6a at high slider settings). It is easily disabled but for now I will just run a flight without RC4 with TrafficLook as suggested, https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=aidupe&CatID=root&Go=Search I will install TrafficLook and try later today. Kind regards, Mark
  11. Hi Pete, Please find attached my log file. I flew MEL-SYD; I actually saw on TCAS the traffic disappear where the issue normally happens after I leave the depature airport reality bubble. I checked the AI and there was about 5 airborne and one static on the ground. I can't make much sense of the log file but it does not contain a ***restarting*** so maybe I did not have that and this test has not worked? Murphy's law of course... It is pretty late so I don't have time to start again so if this is no good, please let me know and I will do it again tomorrow. Kind regards,
  12. Hi Pete, roger that, I misunderstood. We are on the same page. No, it was just my (poor) way of (inadequately) explaining what I experience- we are "there" - from the above, your results agreed with mine - no restart if the only traffic were all airborne. Kind regards, Mark
  13. Hi Pete, imprecise language on my part, I certainly understand that restart is the result of the core failure. Yes, the event seems to be triggered when leaving the reality bubble of your departure airport where there is a lot of traffic to enroute, when you go from say 85 captured AI to something a lot less if the "a lot less" includes an airplane on the ground. If you leave the departure airport reality bubble and the "a lot less" are all airborne, then the issue does not seem to occur. No, only one or two on the ground, but at least one not doing anything. But the rest airbo
  14. Hi Pete, I just did the flight with Radar Contact, with the .ini as described above and the [Traffic] set at75/95/5/5/95/25, and slider 100% for airliners and with 15 AI airborne I got restarting traffic scanning which broke the AI Chatter. I sat in silence for the rest of the flight. The difference between the successful flight and this one seems to be that the successful flight had all airborne aircraft when I left the departure airport reality bubble whereas this flight had one aircraft on the ground Canberra shut down at the gate. Sorry I could not post better news. If
  15. Hi Pete, I have just done the SYD-MEL flight with PF3 (with the .ini amended still as above) and on this flight, I cranked up the AI Traffic to 100% and changed my [Traffic] to 75/95/5/5/95/25 to ensure the maximum amount of airborne traffic which never went below 12 all flight and I never had a restart traffic scanning and AI Chatter continued all flight. I guess the next exercise is to keep those settings and do the flight with Radar Contact but maintaing a greater than 12 airborne AI seems to have eliminated the restart traffic scanning (well, it is only one flight but so far so g
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