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  1. Found a problem with ASA1892. The file shows it as VRD instead of ASA and when I talk to it the game says VRD1892 not found. Ken
  2. Just happened again. Screenshot attached. The plane is ASA333 and it had just pushed back out of the same alley that SWA6277 is down. 333 started to move forward and then turned slightly to the right, at which point I paused the game for the screenshot. Log file is also attached. output_log.txt
  3. Definite improvement in the speech recognition with this update. Thank you! Ken
  4. It happened two days in a row. I didn't think to screenshot it the first day, but got the shots I posted above the second time it happened. I haven't seen it again since then.
  5. Here it is. I saved it out a few minutes after the incident occurrred, so there's not too much traffic on the log after it. Thank you! Ken output_log.txt
  6. Twice in the last two days, I've had a plane turn slightly to the right and then come to a sudden stop on taxiway B at KSAN while taxiing to runway 27. I didn't see it in time yesterday and wound up getting a 500 point penalty when another plane drove into the rear of the suddenly stopped plane. It happened again today and I caught it before any collisions occurred. I paused the game today and took some screenshots. After the plane finally started moving again, it turned to the left and then did a 360 spin into the area between the taxiway and the runway before finally lining back up on the taxiway and continuing on as it should. Thought I'd post this in case it hadn't been reported before. The plane with the problem is SKW5991 in this screenshot. I can submit the output log too if needed.
  7. Thank you! I haven't seen that yet, as I haven't purchased the product yet. Just wanted to know how it was set up before I purchased so I could decide which machine to install on if each copy was limited to on computer.
  8. Not sure if this is the proper place to ask, but thought I'd start here. Hello, I use Tower3d pro on two machines with Steam. If I buy one copy of Real Traffic and Real Color, can I install them on both computers or must I buy one copy per computer? Apologies if this is answered elsewhere, but I was unable to find it.
  9. I'll add my thanks to this thread. I bought FSUIPC and WideFS a month or two ago and can say they are the best FS related purchases I've ever made. Easy to install software that works right the first time. What more can you ask? :) KP
  10. Believe me, if you can save up the money, it's well worth it to buy the registered copy of FSUIPC. I bought it and WideFS and can say without a doubt they're the best FS related purchases I've ever made. It's nice buying software that works right the first time and installs easily. :) KP
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