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  1. I was referring to the serial port version, I have it working now,Thanks!
  2. Pete,do you know if you can make the PFC non USB Cirrus 2 work in 64 bit P3D? Thanks!
  3. I also moved it up one in the scenery library,I still get the startup error.
  4. Could someone please look over my entry's? I am pulling my hair out over this. Thanks http://s177.photobucket.com/user/B1900Mech/library/Lockheed%20P3D%20V3/V3%20Issues/My%20Traffic%20Issues?sort=3&page=1 In all entry's I have added the aircraft entry at the end, I now get the error on startup.
  5. Thanks for the reply,So your telling me that P3D is causing the hundreds of errors in thoes config files?
  6. Are these going to be fixed in a update? These have to be bogging down P2D 2.4 Thanks Jim ContentErrorLog.txt
  7. Thank's for the reply Pete, The PFC utility's are a no go. Shouldn't the other controls(Spoiler and reverse levers) on my twin jet quadrant show up in FSUIPC? It works on default A/C.
  8. Hi Pete,Thanks for your work in Flight Sim! Here are my specs, Windows XP-Pro ,Century of flight 9,Wilco Airbus,PFC Cirrus II, FSUIPC 3.865,and PFC driver I have been able to get the thrust levers to function,thru FSUIPC,but using the twin engine jet quadrant,I cannot get my reverse ,or spoiler levers to show up under axis assignment.Thanks from Jim
  9. I tried the later versions,and they worked, Thank you for the reply's :D
  10. Hi Pete, my sim is Century Of Flight,FS2004, The modules are FSUIPC and PFC dll I am trying to get my PFC Cirrus 2 console to show up in the FS2004 menu. I shows up,and functions in FSX. Thanks,Jim
  11. Ok,I deleted all FSUIPC and PFC files from CF9 modules,then reinstalled,started cf9,saw pfc in menu,re registered fsuipc,set pfc parameters,restarted cf9...............no pfc in menu!
  12. Hi all, I have CF9 with the latest registered FSUIPC,and the newest PFC dll installed in the modules folder,but cannot see the PFC in the flightsim menu. I tried deleting the CF9 cfg with no luck. Please tell me I dont have to reinstall FS!Thanks from Jim
  13. This function is grayed out,Any fix? Thanks From Jim P.S. Version 4.20
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