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  1. Check the FS2004 FAQ accessible from simflight.com main page, there are several tips about this particular problem...
  2. Giovanni, Wideview is not one of Pete's program, are you using WideFS? If Wideview you would be better off asking on its own forum at http://www.wideview.it/
  3. Mike, As I told you by email, check that you did configure WideFS to use the correct protocol...
  4. > I can't get the FS2002 Modules folder to come up after uninstalling and re-installing the sim. Are you talking about the Modules menu in FS2002 menu bar? Did you make sure that you unzipped the file in the correct folder? If you did FS2002 automatically loads FSUIPC, if it doesn't show up then you did not put it in the right place...
  5. Peter, That problem had been reported to me with the Parhelia, that is why I asked you to test. It is a problem with the drivers, what it needs is the attention of Matrox, and they did not answer to the other persons having this trouble. What you could do is send the opengl.txt file in the Glass Cockpit folder to Enrico, but it is a shame, it sure doesn't look good without the smoothing options, I guess I will again stay clear from the card until Matrox fix their drivers, if ever... Thank you for testing!
  6. Yes Peter, there is a difference with XP Pro, I thought it was a Home machine like the others... Check if you have "simple file sharing" enabled, go to the control panel, folder options, view tab and the last option in the advanced settings. Sharing should then work as with the Home edition.
  7. Pete, The simplest way is to go in the glass cockpit OpenGL menu (CTRL+M if needed) and enable font and line smoothing here. For XP, I suppose you are using IP, did you disable the firewall on this one machine?
  8. Pete, Could you please check that with the Project Magenta displays you can turn line and font smoothing on with the Parhelia? Thank you :)
  9. Tony, This error usually means a misconfiguration in the network, I'd advise the same as Pete: remove all network components in both your W2k computers in the device manager and re-install client, network card drivers and the IP protocol on each machine. If you still get the same error there's either something very wrong with the OS, or with the network card or its drivers, what are they?
  10. Giovanni, If you are waiting to see an image of FS in the Wideclient window you are using the wrong program, it is not the goal of WideFS, you need to use Wideview available here: http://www.wideview.it/
  11. Pete, As far as I remember the Dreamfleet FMC is a separate program, not a gauge or module or anything running within FS....
  12. Key2Mouse is available on Luciano's web site :arrow: http://www.wideview.it/
  13. Roger Wilco will connect on any computer connected to the internet, be it directly or through ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) or other mean to share a connection (dedicated software, router, etc...) WideFS is not in cause, you need to check your internet connection sharing settings, and yes the XP built-in firewall can interfere, I'd advise to turn it off and replace it with another solution that is more customizable. If you want more help we need more information about the way you share your internet connection...
  14. As Pete said, it looks like there is a typo with the UseTCPIP parameter, if that's it I believe that WideFS defaults to IPX so it will complain that it doesn't find the IPX protocol that is certainly not installed while in fact you want to use IP... Correct the ini file, that should work again, if not post your wideserver.ini and wideclient.ini in there and we'll try to help further :wink:
  15. Tony, Copy your wideserver.ini and wideclient.ini files in a message, that could help... If IPX be sure to enter the node number, if IP check that you do not have a firewall running. I used WideFS with W2k Pro and never had a problem with either IPX or IP. There may be a typo/oversight somewhere or a problem with the network, that file sharing works doesn't mean WideFS is properly configured, re-check your ini files...
  16. Lefteris, Are you sure? IPX installs and runs with XP Home as well - or as bad :x - as with XP Pro... Michael, Did you check the network card as I told you? The message "network is down" refers to a network problem on this particular computer, not to the whole network. What NIC is it? Did you update its drivers?
  17. Hello there! Glad to see a new forum set up for you Pete! I will try to visit regularly and stay up to date, your continuous development makes it a requirement and never ceases to amaze me! Let us know when the donation system is ready please, I want to be the first to contribute for the years of use of your programs and modules! Thank you!
  18. Grumble... Thanks Ron, I forgot to update the ttool in the Lago folders... :oops:
  19. Ron, Apparently the Lago traffic installer for PHNL and LICR based on ttool does not work with MyTraffic SP1 traffic.bgl :-( BTW you can find it in the FS2002\lago\[scenery name]\traffic_install folder, no need to un-install and re-install the whole scenery. Manually decompiling mytraffic.bgl and adding Lago's traffic file, the ttool compiler chokes with an error on line 9069 in the flightplans.txt file, that's why PHNL traffic cannot be added :x At least not this easy way, we'll need to use mytraffic editor... :roll:
  20. They key must be created by the installer program, and that adds the uninstall option in the add/remove programs applet of Windows control panel... So that's the space apparently? Weird... :?
  21. Gary, Yes, use regedit and browse to HKLM\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall As always be careful when editing the registry and back it up before :!:
  22. Gary, Just scroll down the list of programs in the add/remove programs window, you will see the other entries below. It does not affect them, or the editor. What I did is simply to remove this entry in the panel, and if need be I can use the shortcut to remove the editor... It's just cosmetic :)
  23. Burkhard, LOL! Well, I have many PAI aircraft that I cuddled with care to have them behave, so I think I'll get drunk, just was lazy to end up in that state with minimal work, but I certainly agree with your approach to only import things we know and tested and subsequently do not require support... Prosit! :)
  24. Burkhard, As it does not happen wit all XP installations, it's not an "XP bug", maybe you will hear about it with other OS, looks rather strange indeed, and I couldn't see anything special about the registry entry :roll: Might be the installer, or something else in some XP configuration, good luck with that :shock: Husain, your tutorial is OK to import flight plans and modify registrations to use aircraft that are already provided in mytrafficbase.myt, but entering hundreds of existing aircraft types is a task I consider with dread :? A browse button to open an existing aircraft.cfg file or AircraftTypes.dat and an "OK and more" button in the "Aircraft Type Properties" window would help, as well as automatically feeding the type key box with the entry of the "Title in FS2002" box and striping spaces... Might be asking a tad much :lol: But that would be an idea to make a tutorial using the AircraftTypes.dat of an existing traffic.bgl with several aircraft already in use, and put it in csv format to copy quickly the titles over :?:
  25. Hello Husain! Those peculiar problems that are configurations dependant instead of happening on all machines... don't you love'em? :twisted: I've had a quick look at the registry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall but cannot see anything peculiar regarding the MyTraffic string, that's one for Burkhard :wink: Good to se you too Husain :) I enjoy MyTraffic, only thing about the editor is that I did not start using it yet, I am still manually adding all the additional aircraft (mostly PAI) I have installed, I sure wish there would be an automated way to do this...
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