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  1. Hi Jahman I see that you are having issues with your CH controller and assignments. I wrote the appendix (which PeteD generously added to the manual) as a step by step guide to a particular option in FSUIPC4, that a "newbie" could follow - it was really just to enhance and expand in a step-wise fashion PeteD's instructions in the manual. :razz: I myself have a CH Yoke plus pedals and have no problems in FSX/FSUIPC4/CHCM. This is what I do: I do not use CHCM in "MAPPED" mode as I believe that there are some interactions between that and Win 7 calibration and may be with FSUIPC (BobC disagrees with me on that latter point). If I use CHCM I use it in "DIRECT" mode so that I can set the null zone exactly at the detente on the TQ6 and that corresponds nicely with the calibration settings in FSUIPC4 and so you get the reverse thrust occurring exactly at the start of the detente down to the minimum setting, and vice versa. I know that you have said that you did not use the windows calibration - but I would still follow BobC's advice and use the "reset to default" (or the Logitech cleaner) option in FSX joystick calibration, so that all calibration settings in Windows are reset. I would also back up both my fsx.cfg file and the fsuipc.ini file and remove them one by one and then let FSX re-build a new cfg file and FSUIPC re-create the ini file. (Yes, it is a pain but it can resolve lots of issues). I would also check the current in-use standard.xml (in the system disk\user\username\appdata usually) just to make sure there are no issues there? Sometimes you get "greyed out" buttons in FSUIPC when you are not expecting them, so if I see that I just "wiggle" a lever or the yoke and that can fix that problem. The CH game controllers don't alweays make themselves known when in an "idle" state and a "wiggle" wakes them up. :rolleyes: If none of this or Pete's/BobC's advice works try changing the USB port hub (eg lots of USB issues in Win 7) or re-plugging the controllers in after turning off the computer, removing the power cord for several minutes, perhaps with a "clean boot" or suspect a hardware fault. Regards PeterH
  2. John If you are using FSUIPC4 with FSX you should not need the SST software for something like the Baron. You have checked your senitivities and null zone in FSX (Sensitivity full right/null zone full left) Regards PeterH
  3. Hi John It should be in the Program Folder (maybe x86) - I haven't installed it for years so my memory is hazy. But there should be a shortcut to it (probably on the start menu too) and it only affects FSX if you initiated it to do so. You could use Belarc adviser to see what software is installed and it would show up there. If you have win XP 7/vista it will be listed in the "all programs" button. You would remember if you installed it because you have to assign axes and buttons before you can use it. I would say that you do NOT have the SST software installed. Regards PeterH
  4. John Saitek have 2 pieces of software: 1) Drivers (see Ian P's reply above) [in Win 7 I have found these to be unnecessary] 2) SST programming software - when I wrote the appendix I found thet there seemed to be issues if used with FSX and FSUIPC4 and as the latter is excellent at assigning and calibrating axes etc, I uninstalled the SST programming software. I didn't notice any issues with the drivers. However the SST P S is now a later version so things may have changed. Regards PeterH
  5. John Are you assigning in FSX or FSUIPC4? Just make sure in either case that the axes are not assigned (duplicate) in both FSX and FSUIPC4 and if you are running the SST software (not drivers) that can interact with FSX/FSUIPC4 wrt to duplicate assignments. In fact, always check for duplicate axes as FSX can be sneaky and assign axes in any of your controllers including the mouse. PeterH
  6. Burkhard Thanks. We have to agree to disagree re your comments on "expensive servers" The "cheap" one that you use should NOT redirect a user to a gambling game site - that is what is unacceptable. The end does not justify the means! :unsure: The rar download worked perfectly - thank you! :grin: Regards PeterH
  7. Hi Burkhard The 2 links you gave me are incompatible with Robofrom my password manager and/or my download manager and even when I switch off these two programs the website tells me that I am already downloading those files. Plus uploading.com makes you wait 60 seconds, refuses to dl and immediately sends you to a gambling site pop-up which is unacceptable. Do you have another link? Thanks PeterH
  8. Hi Burkhard Under "Configure My Traffic" I ran "Rebuild MY aircraft, scenery and schedules" during the operation I received two error messages "FOKKER50MX.exe and II86MX.exe have stopped working and I had to press "Close Program" to proceed. Are these significant errors? I applied the Dec 5.3a patch as per instructions in ANNOUNCEMENTS and it says that there is a New Communicator: and I can now can download updates to 5.3a, 5.3b and 5.4 (Having manually installed 5.3a (http://www.fsrail.com/Patches53a1.exe and put it into the MyTrafficAircraftInstallers folder. Then double click to it.) Are there updates 5,3b and 5.4 available now or in the future? After patch 5.3a I still get the 'Warning about missing TDBB exe' so I guess that I cannot apply this "FIX": "There is one fix that relates to schedules, the MESA Airlines flight in Hawaii now are done using the GO! paint scheme instead of the US Express paint scheme. To activate this, start the communicator, verify that you get no red warning that you did not copy Trafficdatabasebuilder.exe yet , and run Select Schedule - For DX10 2010, the last selection on that list." Because at the bottom of this announcement there is no mention of TB.exe Thanks PeterH
  9. Pete Thanks for taking the time to reply. Regards PeterH
  10. Hi Pete Hope you are well - just a question: Just a thought on the updating of your various modules. You, quite rightly, extol us to use the latest versions of your software but the actual process of seeing if there is an update can be quite confusing. On the modules sub-forums tab: the "Download links" shows a date of 17 January 2011 for FSUIP client dll for .NET. Click on download links and under 'Updated Modules' the date is 25 January 2011for FSUIPC 4.657 and 3.989 w . . . , but on the 'Last Post Info' the date is Oct 19 2010. Is there any easy way to flag on the modules sub-forum download links a date that is for the latest of any download? With regard to the 'Updated Modules' tab could this be changed to 'Updated FSUIPC/4, Wide Client, PFC /FSX Modules'? Just a thought these changes might make it easier to update the module at the correct time. I fully understand if this is quite difficult to achieve under the new system. :???: Regards PeterH
  11. scnrfrq Thanks - As I discovered the simmarket server is down!! Regards PeterH
  12. Andy Thanks : You will find a new option called MyTraffic Interactive in one of the communicator menus. I do not have this in any of the communicator menus - unless I'm not seeing it!! :unsure: Which tab is it under? The dl I get for the 5.3a update is 17985534 bytes long?? EDIT: Andy I see my error I needed to choose the 'Update" feature rather than the "Patch" option that I did. I am trying that now but it looks like it will be a slow process as 5 minutes later it is still reading from the server! Will update later! :rolleyes: Regards PeterH
  13. Hi Burkhard Using the communicator I dl the 5.3a patch - I then opened "information for You' 'About' and the version is still showing 5.3! :rolleyes: Is this correct? If yes, how do we check if we have the latest version installed? Thanks PeterH
  14. Pete & Andy Thanks - I did remove the Logitech software - should have said that and rebuilt all the appropriate ini and xml files. I had to remove the G940 as I couldn't fly the VRS bug with any degree of accuracy. PeteD - I will reinstall the G940 in the next day or so and send the logging files. Thanks for all of your help. Regards PeterH
  15. Pete Recently whilst you were away I had purchased a Logitech G940 system Initially I use the Logitech software and FSX to set up the controls in FSX. However, I experienced a lot of issues in terms of controller settings and sensitivities, so I decided not to use the Logitech software (disabled it) but instead use a mixture of FSX and FSUIPC 4 (4626) to assign and calibrate the various axes, keys and buttons. No problems in any of this in FSX. I then started FSX and then opened FSUIPC4 and went to "Axis Assignment" just to make sure that I hadn't any duplicate assignments. However, when I moved any of the G940 axes (eg ailerons, elevator, rudder, throttle) it changed the FSUIPC4 menus ie it moved randomly away from "Axis assignment" to another menu: eg it moved to "Winds" or "Visibility" in fact any of the menu choices but it would not stay on the Assignment page and show any details. No matter how many times that I re-chose axis assignment and "rescan", any axis movement changed the FSUIPC4 menu. (Rebuilding the FSX.cfg, standard.xml or FSUIPC.ini made no difference). In FSUIPC 4 calibration the axes assigned in FSX were recognised and I could set all the 'normal' calibration values and movement of the axis did not change the menu. As you were away and I had a lot of other issues with the G940, I removed it from my system and reverted back to my Saitek X-52 joystick which performs flawlessly and doesn't change the menus in "Axis Assignment" in FSUIPC4. Unfortunately, I did not keep any log files, etc. Really my question is - Have you seen behaviour like this before? Is there a simple explanation as to why it might have happened? Thanks PeterH
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