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  1. Hi, I wanted to upgrade my P3d V4 and use FSUIPC with P3DV5. But the only things i have are the docs. There is no dll or key file in the modules folders When i try installing again, it says it is still there and wants to uninstall before, what i did. Now i could reinstall and get the same confirmation it worked. So the former and long working installation in V4 is lost and the new wanted in V5 is not there. What's wrong ?
  2. Hi, Combo2009, Could you please post these famous lua files ? (or a link...) Best regards
  3. Hi, I have regularly same problems when assigning any function to A GF button. Part or all GF modules are freezed, FPS can some time be affected. Restarting FSX cannot change the state of the modules, Windows restaring cannot. I hve to stop the computer AND disconnect the electric power. So, I think this is USB power problem : there are too many modules on the same USB plug anywhere in the USB chain, OR an USB cabel is too long or has defect. Best regards Denis
  4. I use gyro compas, but cannot convert 0580in degrees. I have a network, Master PC Vista64, FSX, GFDiplay FSUIPC 4.53 and Wideserver 7.53, firts slave Project Magenta PMRJ, second slave PM systems, PM CDU and PM MCP [GF Connections] GFDev=DLL found GFLGT=1 GFRP48=1 GFT8=2 GF166=2 GF45=1 GFP8=1 [Conditions] 0=X500 U16 ;PM's MCP is active if this is non-zero 1=X4F0 U16 M8000 ; PMs speed is Mach 2=X7E4 U32 ; FSs speed is Mach -- see condition 46 too 3=X4F0 U16 M0002 ; PMs V/S mode 4=X3300 U16 M0100 ; FS LOC acquired 5=XC4E U16 ; CRS nonzero? 6=X4E2 U16 ; PM HDG nonzero? 7=X7CC U16 *360 /65536 ;FS's HDG nonzero? 8=X3300 U16 M0080 ; FS NAV CRS acquired 9=XBEC U16 =16383 ; Nose Gear Down 10=XBF0 U16 =16383 ; Right Gear Down 11=XBF4 U16 =16383 ; Left Gear Down ; offset 66C0 used as GF45/46 radio selector, 0-6 as follows: 12=X66c0 U8 =0 ;Radio selector 0=COM1 13=X66c0 U8 =1 ;Radio selector 1=COM2 14=X66c0 U8 =2 ;Radio selector 2=NAV1 15=X66c0 U8 =3 ;Radio selector 3=NAV2 16=X66c0 U8 =4 ;Radio selector 4=ADF1 17=X66c0 U8 =5 ;Radio selector 5=ADF2 18=X66c0 U8 =6 ;Radio selector 6=TPNR ; GF166 support includes both radios and an offset viewing debug mode ; Offset 66C4 has flag bits as follows ; bit 0 (1) = debug offset view if 0, debug type view if 1 ; bit 1 (2) = debug decimal display if 0, hex display if 1 ; bit 2 (4) = radio if 0, debug offset mode if 1 ; bit 3 (8) = standby shown if 0, radial shown if 1 ; bit 4 (16)= set by Centre button press, Cleared when released and if L or R pressed ; bit 5 (32)= set for MCP Mach display instead of IAS (FS MCP) ; Offset 66C1 used for debug mode offset type (0-12) ; Offset 66C5 used as radio selector, 0-5 ; Offset 66C2 (2bytes) is offset in debug mode 19=X66C4 U8 M01 ; Offset (0) or Type (1) display mode 20=X66C4 U8 M02 ; Num value in dec (0) or hex (1) 21=X66C1 U8 =0 ; U16 22=X66C1 U8 =1 ; S8 23=X66C1 U8 =2 ; U8 24=X66C1 U8 =3 ; S16 25=X66C1 U8 =4 ; U16 26=X66C1 U8 =5 ; S32 27=X66C1 U8 =6 ; U32 28=X66C1 U8 =7 ; F32 29=X66C1 U8 =8 ; F64 30=X66C1 U8 =9 ; STR 31=X66C1 U8 =10 ; R0 32=X66C1 U8 =11 ; R1 33=X66C1 U8 =12 ; R2 34=X66C1 U8 <7 ;Fixed point 35=X66C1 U8 <9 ;Numeric 36=X66C4 U8 M04 ; Flag for Debug mode, else Radio 37=X66c5 U8 =0 ;GF166 radio selector 0=COM1 38=X66c5 U8 =1 ;GF166 radio selector 1=COM2 39=X66c5 U8 =2 ;GF166 radio selector 2=NAV1 40=X66c5 U8 =3 ;GF166 radio selector 3=NAV2 41=X66c5 U8 =4 ;GF166 radio selector 4=ADF1 42=X66c5 U8 =5 ;GF166 radio selector 5=ADF2 43=X66C4 U8 M08 ; Flag for radial display for NAV 44=X3300 U16 M0002 ;Active Nav1 45=X3300 U16 M0004 ;Active Nav2 46=!C1 !C2 X66C4 U8 M20 ;Mach not IAS 47=X051C U8 M01 ; PM blank VS 48=X051C U8 M02 ; PM blamk SPD 49=X7B91 U8 =1; Mode C 50=X7B91 U8 =0; Standby 51=X7B93 U8 =1; Ident Active 52=x3102 u8 =1 53=x2054 u8 =1 ;tank allp 54=x2054 u8 =2 ;tank left 55=x2054 u8 =6 ;tank center 56=x2054 u8 =3 ;tank right 57=x2054 u8 =13 ;crossfeed 58=x2054 u8 =14 ;crossfeed LtoR 59=x2054 u8 =15 ;crossfeed RtoL 60=x2054 u8 =14 ;crossfeed both [GF45.0] Needs=V16 B E A B=4 ;D0.1=!C51 C49 ="MD C" ;D0.2=!C51 C50 ="STBY" ;D0.3=C51 ="IDNT" Ff2on ;D0=X2B00 F64 D-30 ;Heading issu de Simconnect MARCHE !!! ;D0=X0580 u16 *360/(65536 *65536) f64 d-30 <<< Bad multiplier (*) ;D1=x02a0 u16 *360/(65536 *65536) <<< Bad multiplier (*) ;D1=X0580 u16 *360 d-30 f64 ;D1=D-30 X2B00 F64 ;;;X08b8 u16 *140/16384 D21 ;FS's HDG as nnn ;Affiche le heading mais de manière erratique ;d0=d-30 x08f8 f64 *144 ne marche pas ;d0=x123e ; d1=x126c ; fuel total marche ! d0.0= c53 ="ALL" d0.1=c55 ="CNTR" d0.2=c54 ="LAUX" d0.3=c56 ="RAUX" ;d1=x2018 [GFP8.0] Needs=V16 B E A B=5 ;L0=c0 X4F0 U16 M4000 ;VNAV ;L1=c0 X4F0 U16 M0040 ;LNAV ;L2=c0 X4F0 U16 M0100 ;FLCHG L3=X281c =1 ; Battery Master L4=X3101 U8; Alternator Master ;L5.0=Xb54 U16>10; <2000 Fslow ;L5.1=Xb54 U16>2000; <40000 Ffast L5.0= X560E = 1 L5.1=!X560E = 1 <<< Bad literal value ;L5=xB54 u16 =44909 Ff10on; Xb54 APU on ne s'éteint pas mais s'allume size 4 32 bit float ;L6=xB54 U16 <2000 L7=c52 X2e80 ; Avionics Master [GFT8.0] Needs=V16 B E B=2 L0=X337D U16 ;De-ICE STRUCT size 1 on=1 off=0 L1=X029C U16 ; pitot heat size 1 on=1 off=0 L2=X0D0C U16 M0020 ;panel lights size 2 L3=X0D0C U16 M0004 ;land l L4=X0D0C U16 M0008 ;taxi lt L5=X0D0C U16 M0001 ;nav lt L6=X0D0C U16 M0002 ; beacon L7=X0D0C U16 M0010 ; strobe [GFT8.1] Needs=V16 B E B=8 ;L6.0=XBAC =1 Ffast ;inner ;L6.1=XBAE =1 Ffast ;middle ;L6.2=XBB0 =1 Ffast ;outer L7=X808 =1;yaw damper ffast size4 [GFRP48.0] Needs=V16 B E L0=X3590 U16 =1 ;fuelvalve eng1 L1=x3594 u16 =1 ;fuel valve eng2 ;L1=X3104 =1 ;FUEL PUMP L2.0=xAF8 =1 ;FUEL all L2.1=xAF8 =2 Fslow;FUEL all L3.0=xAF8 =1 ;FUEL all L3.1=xAF8 =6 Ff5on;FUEL all L4.0=xAF8 =1 ; fuel all L4.1=xAF8 =3 Fslow;FUEL right L5=X894 =1 Ff7on ;engine 1 running size2 L6=X092C U16=1 Ff7on ;engine 2 running L7=C0 X4f0 U16 M0800 ;A/T [GF166.0] Needs=V16 B E A B=5 [GF166.1] Needs=V16 B E A B=5 [GFLGT.0] Needs=E B B=5 L7=XBEC U16 =16383 ;Nose Gear Down L6=!C9 XBEC U16 !=0 ;Nose Gear Moving L5=XBF4 U16 =16383 ;Left Gear Down L4=!C11 XBF4 U16 !=0 ;Left Gear Moving L3=XBF0 U16 =16383 ;Right Gear Down L2=!C10 XBF0 U16 !=0 ;Right Gear Moving
  5. Thak you for your quick help, i'll try it soon. But I have other difficulties : I would diplay current plane magheading on a GF45 : When I try this : D0=X2B00 F64 D-30 The displayed value i correct at beginning, but when I change the heading, the display stops a few degrees before the good one, and so it stays false till the next turn when it refreshes the value and restops befor and of turning. I have trie a few other variables who have same behaviour What is the trick ? Best regards Denis
  6. Hi, I have programmed leds for my GF-T8 module so : [GFT8.0] Needs=V16 B E B=2 L0=X337D =1 ;De-ICE STRUCT size 1 on=1 off=0 L1=X029C =1 ; pitot heat size 1 on=1 off=0 L2=XD0C U16=32 ;panel lights size 2 L3=XD0C U16=4 ;land l L4=XD0C U16=8 ;taxi lt L5=XD0C U16=1 ;nav lt L6=XD0C U16=2 ; beacon L7=XD0C U16=16 ; strobe But, leds 0 and 1 are working a moment, than go off without any action. I have a lot of ather situations like this ; I've found how to attach a led or display to a variable, but the led or the display are erratic, chnaged without reason, or affected when another led form same module changes its state. What do I wrong ? Best regards Denis
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