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  1. Hello Volker, I've reinstalled FSC 9.6 Rev7 and successfully run the database manager. Sadly it's still showing the Airac 1501 at the begining and it will not accept my registration details. Do I need to contact "simMarket" or can you advise me please? Best regards, Malcolm.
  2. Thanks Volker, Yes it was an upgrade to 9.6 so a clean install is my next step. Can you tell me why I need to backup the files mentioned above? Plus I don't have \User\BuddyIvao.fsc or \User\BuddyVatsim.fsc Many thanks, Malcolm.
  3. Thanks Volker, I think my problem arose from upgrading from version 9.5 to 9.6. It appears to have created a new database but still retain the old one as well. I think my best option is to uninstall completely and start again. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated. Many thanks, Malcolm.
  4. Hello Volker and thankyou for the reply. I can answer "YES" to the first four lines. Where is the cycle folder as I appear to have two, (screen grabs not attached due to size limits). How does the current cycle get transferred to FSC? Many thanks, Malcolm.
  5. Hi , System specs - FSC Vers9.6 Rev6 FSDB Manager FMS Data Manager Airac Cycle 1606 FSX Acceleration on seperate SSD FSUIPC 4.955 and WideFS both licenced Hope I haven't forgotten anything? The problem I have is FSC is not "picking up" the current Airac cycle - it opens with Airac 1501 Rev 1 Jan08-Feb04/15 I've trawled through the forums but not found anyone with a similar problem, although I assume there must be?
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