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    Thank you for the good feedbacks. Vic
  2. Dear Folks, We just released a service pack for fixing some voice recognition issues involving taxiways with number (ie.: L2, K3, etc). We used Tracon!:SE's voice engine and worked it even further to what we consider so far the best voice recognition in Tower!XX's history. It should give you a fast and reliable voice recognition. We strongly suggest training your Windows voice recognition a few more times (each times it will give you a different text making V R more reliable). As usual; existing feelThere.com, ATCSuite.com customers can get the latest by re-downloading from the same link, Steam customers can use Steam's built in updater and we are about to submit this build to our 3rd party resellers in the upcoming days. Thank you Vic & co
  3. AI Routing Issues

    Absolutely! If it's a bug we always try to fix them. If you mean giving taxi instructions without "endpoints" such as runways or terminals (pretty much sending the plane to some crossing or similar point) that's on our list too. It will be required for a cool and exciting new feature we plan to add into the next version. Vic
  4. KLAS issues

    Gary, Yes, it's still on our todo list. Since the beginning of the year we've released 3 patches for Tower and just about to release the first SP for KSFO. As far as I remember we also released a patch for KJFK too. Please believe me we are working hard and not sitting on some beaches sipping coctails and laughing on KLAS's problems :) Seriously; some work is already done on KLAS but since we have different teams working on different airports it is possible to see some new releases while some SP is delayed. It's not greed or ignorance it's simply the fact the team who works on the SP has some trouble fixing something and the other team who developed the next release was done before the other fixed the existing airport. Thank you for your continuing patience Vic
  5. AI Routing Issues

    Folks, The development of Tower!3D Pro is pretty much done. It was released over a year ago and we just released the latest patch yesterday proving we care about supporting it but there are things that we must leave for the next version. We are making a master list of similar requests and suggestions and when the time will come we will open a "wishlist" topic too. Vic
  6. KSFO Pushback not working

    Also please provide the log. If you don't post it then we wont be able to check it.

    Dear Folks, The forum is getting a bit out of hand, people opening new and new topics for speech. From now we will use this single topics to discuss speech and all other will be locked and directed to this one. Please make sure to report the following with your initial report otherwise we will delete it to make it clean and readable both for you who needs help and for us who try to help. SYSTEM LANGUAGE SET TO ENGLISH(US)*************CHECKED CORTANA IS WORKING AND YOU CAN TALK TO IT*****CHECKED SPEECH IS TRAINED************************************CHECKED SET UP YOUR MICROPHONE (SCREENSHOT IS BELOW)***CHECKED TOWER3D.EXE IS LAUNCHED IN ADMIN MODE*********CHECKED MAKE SURE TO USE THE SHIFT BUTTON TO TALK TO TOWER3D***CHECKED IF YOU RUN ANY ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE MAKE SURE TOWER3D.EXE and TOWERSPEAKBRIDGE.EXE IS IN TRUSTED MODE**CHECKED MAKE SURE THE COMMAND YOU ISSUE USES THE EXACT SYNTAX AS IT IS IN THE MANUAL***CHECKED If it still fails: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE ENGLISH(US) VOICEPACK (LINK BELOW)***CHECKED SOUND DRIVER IS THE LATEST*************************CHECKED MICROPHONE IS WORKING*****************************CHECKED TOWERSPEAKBRIDGE.EXE IS LAUNCHED IN ADMIN MODE *** CHECKED if it still fails USE A USB MICROPHONE************************************CHECKED US VOICE PACK REINSTALLED (instruction further above)*** CHECKED if all fails POST ALL THE SCREENSHOTS WE POSTED EARLIER IN THIS TOPIC*****CHECKED GAME LOG AND SPEECH LOG POSTED***********************************CHECKED Please do not take a screenshot and post the log files before you take these steps; we can see it from your log. Please visit this link https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/change-cortanas-voice-windows-10 It will guide you through to install English (UK) but obviously we need you to add English (US) If you already have English (US) skip to Step 10 otherwise please make sure you add English (US) Please train the the computer by selecting the "Train your computer to understand you better" (please see the screenshot below). How to get game and speech.log: launch the game by using the tower.bat file (instead of the exe). Try to play as normal but once you realize the speech doesn't work, quit. WITHOUT RELAUNCHING THE GAME save the generated game.log and speech.log and post it here. You can find these log files in the main Tower3D directory (next to the tower.exe and tower.bat files. If they are not there then you have some permission issue with the Tower folder itself which can be also the cause of the problem. Please make sure to give read/write and Admin permission to this folder). What happens if they are too big; use usendit or dropbox or any other services to upload the files and give us the link. IF YOUR REPORT DOESN'T INCLUDE THE REQUIRED INFORMATION WE WILL DELETE IT WITHOUT ANSWERING TO AVOID CLUTTER. Thank you Vic
  8. KSFO Pushback not working

    The game.log file should be in the main Tower3D directory. Vic
  9. KSFO Taxiways commands

    We are working on an SP for Tower!3D Pro to solve the KJFK hold short at A and B issue as well as this new speech issue. The beta testing will begin either today or tomorrow and if everything works as should the SP is out sometimes next week. Looks like as we add more features and new airports then some new issues emerge but as always; you can count us to fix these. Thank you for the patience Vic
  10. SFO stuck at 72% when raining

    Thank you. On one computer we were able to reproduce at KSFO. An SP is due for the aiport, it will be also addressed. Thank you Vic
  11. No Weather Radar EJets P3Dv4

    Robert, Alex is the lead programmer on the Embraer projects at feelThere. He is the best qualified person to answer about these planes. He is just as feelThere as I'm :) Vic
  12. E-jetts v.2 guages garbled on Prepar3d v4

    Could you please post your dll.xml content? Vic
  13. KSFO Taxiways commands

    Dear Guys, While we are considering an SP for Tower!3D Pro regarding this speech issue; would you please try something and let me knw? We are testing it on our end but more information and various accents would help us too. Could you please speak faster than usual and let's say "F1" to be said as affone as one word? Thank you Vic
  14. SFO stuck at 72% when raining

    Without log we can't really do too much. Vic
  15. Tower 3D Pro ATL Traffic Problems

    This is normal.

    Mecha, Please don't hijack a release post. If you have something to report, please open a new topic and provide your log. Thank you Vic

    Dear Folks, We just quietly a SP for KJFK. We fixed lots of spinner gates, some fixes for better road calculation and added GA to the airport. As usual; existing customers can re-download the product and it's automatically updated on Steam. 3rd party partners will be notified soon. Thank you Vic
  18. KSFO landing concerns

    Thank you for the report. Tower is a generic sim and to make it work with all airports (at least for now) would be impossible. We keep on learning and with each new version (yes we plan to make a new Tower version in every X years) we'll try to address these issues. Thank you Vic
  19. KSFO Rwy 10R traffic jam

    We are checking it. Thank you Vic
  20. Game Crash

    It was a windows crash.
  21. international airport

    We have one European, one Canadian and one Australian airport in the pipeline :) Vic
  22. Mods for the ERJ v2

    Bjoern, Would you please PM me? Thank you Vic
  23. Dear Controllers, We just released San Francisco International for Tower!3D and Pro. It's available at atcsuite.com, feelthere.com and on Steam. Thank you Vic
  24. Fs9 discounts?

    Which product?
  25. Thank you for getting back to us. Vic