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  1. Yes it's all correct; Approach weights the arriving terminal to a certain degree but traffic flow has a higher priority and it also tries to balance runway usage too. Vic
  2. FeelThere

    Updates from Tower3D! Pro

    LOL 🙂 Vic
  3. FeelThere

    Question for the Devs, re: forum

    Craig, Done. ..and a BIG THANKS to Dick for his work!!!! Vic
  4. FeelThere

    ATCC new screenshot

    Tracon used the same principle but we received much more traffic that way. We are actively researching ideas. Vic
  5. FeelThere

    E-jets V1 for p3d missing Lineage

    Please tell us the exact name of each installer. Thank you Vic
  6. FeelThere

    E-jets V1 for p3d missing Lineage

    Unfortunately it was a typo brought from the old description. There is no Lineage anymore in the package. We fixed it on the website too. Thank you Vic
  7. FeelThere

    ATCC new screenshot

    I know I know 🙂 Our biggest issue at the moment is that we are still need to figure out how to pull schedule for the sectors. We tried with the current schedule we have and the traffic was just boring. If we could get some database that would help us to create the traffic that would help us a lot. We have an old worldwide traffic database covering 24 hours and we wrote a little code based on great circle navigation to estimate who would fly in a certain sector but we got 5-10 planes per hour. Otherwise the sim is pretty much done 🙂 Vic
  8. FeelThere

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    This is for surely be happen. We are also planning for some fundamental code changes. T!3D is using lots of code pieces from T!2011 but the next version will get a total workout. Just to give you an idea we are already know that the pushback code will be dropped to avoid the spinners on the code level. I would also like to see some standardized graphics as it also need to get some improvement not to mention lots of other stuff 🙂 I promise we will open a wishlist just on time to try to implement fro it as much as it make sense and reasonable.. Thank you Vic
  9. FeelThere

    Issue with TIST Textures

    Tower!3D is optimized for a maximum of 6 hours of gameplay.
  10. Thank you so much 🙂 Vic
  11. When the time will come we'll open a wishlist topic for sure. We have an internal list and anything from the wishlist make sense and we can add it to the next version will likely make it. Thank you for the good vacation wish 🙂 Vic
  12. That's another possibility too. We did that before so it's likely an option to reach out active members during beta testing and ask them to participate in the testing. For now I'll take the annual vacation starting on Monday and I'm sure I will think about it too 🙂 Thank you so much for the ideas, I love these kind of brainstorming. Vic
  13. Hi Paul, I'm usually opposing the idea of Early Access or beta releases, but I'm also opened to try it once. It could be very helpful by getting feedback from the community but I'm afraid it could go out of hand quickly once we reject a feature or we lock the development at some point. 99% of our community is friendly and really patient and helpful to us, a joy to talk to but every once in a while we got so much hostile attitude from certain members that is really ruining our days. So it's really a risky decision and as much as I would love to try maybe this is one of the case where a "no" makes more sense. Please let us sleep on it. Vic
  14. FeelThere

    Canadian Airport

    The one we are working on is on the west coast 🙂
  15. Thank you for the attitude and the understanding. It's difficult to say anything about the next version yet, but I want to make sure when you "have to buy it again" will carry some extra value too 🙂 In fact I'd like to see more default airports included in the next version. We don't want to spill out too much about this new version but I can tell you that it wont just be a manicured Tower!3D under a new name. I want to make sure it will be a good value and it would help to further prove the franchise. The plan is to release a Tower!X in every second or so year. Thank you Vic
  16. Sorry the version number was my mistake. Steam and the list here is up to date. I apologize Folks! As the serial number posted; I can't see it is it gone? Thank you Vic
  17. FeelThere

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    Whoever wished an Australian and Canadian airport after EDDS is going to be happy... 🙂
  18. FeelThere


    Dear Folks, The forum is getting a bit out of hand, people opening new and new topics for speech. From now we will use this single topics to discuss speech and all other will be locked and directed to this one. Please make sure to report the following with your initial report otherwise we will delete it to make it clean and readable both for you who needs help and for us who try to help. SYSTEM LANGUAGE SET TO ENGLISH(US)*************CHECKED CORTANA IS WORKING AND YOU CAN TALK TO IT*****CHECKED SPEECH IS TRAINED************************************CHECKED SET UP YOUR MICROPHONE (SCREENSHOT IS BELOW)***CHECKED TOWER3D.EXE IS LAUNCHED IN ADMIN MODE*********CHECKED MAKE SURE TO USE THE SHIFT BUTTON TO TALK TO TOWER3D***CHECKED IF YOU RUN ANY ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE MAKE SURE TOWER3D.EXE and TOWERSPEAKBRIDGE.EXE IS IN TRUSTED MODE**CHECKED MAKE SURE THE COMMAND YOU ISSUE USES THE EXACT SYNTAX AS IT IS IN THE MANUAL***CHECKED If it still fails: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE ENGLISH(US) VOICEPACK (LINK BELOW)***CHECKED SOUND DRIVER IS THE LATEST*************************CHECKED MICROPHONE IS WORKING*****************************CHECKED TOWERSPEAKBRIDGE.EXE IS LAUNCHED IN ADMIN MODE *** CHECKED if it still fails USE A USB MICROPHONE************************************CHECKED US VOICE PACK REINSTALLED (instruction further above)*** CHECKED if all fails POST ALL THE SCREENSHOTS WE POSTED EARLIER IN THIS TOPIC*****CHECKED GAME LOG AND SPEECH LOG POSTED***********************************CHECKED Please do not take a screenshot and post the log files before you take these steps; we can see it from your log. Please visit this link https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/change-cortanas-voice-windows-10 It will guide you through to install English (UK) but obviously we need you to add English (US) If you already have English (US) skip to Step 10 otherwise please make sure you add English (US) Please train the the computer by selecting the "Train your computer to understand you better" (please see the screenshot below). How to get game and speech.log: launch the game by using the tower.bat file (instead of the exe). Try to play as normal but once you realize the speech doesn't work, quit. WITHOUT RELAUNCHING THE GAME save the generated game.log and speech.log and post it here. You can find these log files in the main Tower3D directory (next to the tower.exe and tower.bat files. If they are not there then you have some permission issue with the Tower folder itself which can be also the cause of the problem. Please make sure to give read/write and Admin permission to this folder). What happens if they are too big; use usendit or dropbox or any other services to upload the files and give us the link. IF YOUR REPORT DOESN'T INCLUDE THE REQUIRED INFORMATION WE WILL DELETE IT WITHOUT ANSWERING TO AVOID CLUTTER. Thank you Vic
  19. FeelThere


    Stephen, This is not really a voice recognition issue, but please experiment with different speech packs available for download from MS's website. Vic
  20. My first intercontinental flight was on a KLM 747 (I think it was the 300) 🙂 Vic
  21. Please re-read my answer; IF we come up with some solution of updating the included airports without touching Tower then it is possible we'll send out an SP but it's not a promise. What I meant is that we are still looking for a solution but I can't promise it. At one point one must lock a development of a version and move into the next. We just released the latest SP 3.3d a month or so ago so I think it proves our dedication toward supporting the product (after more than a year of it's original release). If there is a real bug, please make sure to document it and attach the log so we can reproduce it. Thank you Vic
  22. Nice! There are absolutely no rules against photos or screenshots. Your pics are appreciated! Vic
  23. Thank you for the lovely report 🙂 Yes I agree KLAX, KPHL is a bit aged in Tower now, but we locked the product for now. At this moment (within the team) is about how are we going to make these airports backward compatible with the next version of Tower (I wish I'd have the freedom to tell you the so far planned list that we want to add this new version, but I can tell you that I type this with a huge smile on my face 🙂 ). At the moment we are not planning to touch the included airports as it would require an SP for Tower itself which we decided not to do. IF we come up with some solution of updating the included airports without touching Tower then it is possible we'll send out an SP but it's not a promise. Thank you Vic
  24. FeelThere

    Tower 3d Pro, readback problem after update

    It was changed to improve the voice recognition on double letter taxiways especially on KJFK. Vic
  25. FeelThere

    Sucessful landing/takeoff message

    Hi Jonas, Thank you for noticing. However a controller should rely on his eyes to decide issue a command 🙂 Vic

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