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  1. 12 hours ago, crbascott said:

    However, the new version will reintroduce modding tools necessary to create our own models/liveries and maintain performance characteristics. Correct?

    I think it was asked and confirmed already 🙂 
    For sure it will be a bit more complicated than the T!2011 version was as it would require 3D modeling skills as well as some Unity skills to import them into the game. However this is fairly standard with all simulators out there. 
    It will be interested to see how many new airports and airplanes we'll see. I personally hope that we will see many.

  2. Quote

    Vic, please tap the brakes. I’m not twisting your comments - just trying to understand. When you said “These are placeholders, you wont see them in the new version” I assumed you were talking about the old airports. Additionally, above you said “the quality will change”. So this confuses me in regards to backwards compatibility.

    Craig, since we are not talking about backwards compatibility or even airports, my information shouldn't confuse you. All I was trying to tell you that we could've used a simple box but we threw an old airport into the new engine. The post wasn't a comment regarding compatibility, nor features or anything about an airport. It was just a heads up about the new weather system.


  3. Quote

    I guess this answers the question regarding backwards compatibility then.

    No it's not. All I was saying this is an old airport in the new weather system. No point judging the airport's quality because it will change. Let's not twist my comments, please. 
    At the moment we don't even understand what will it take to add the old airports into the new engine ,if it's possible at all. We don't even know how much work will it take to force them to work under the new system so I will definitely not comment or even discuss compatibility, simply because I have no idea at this point. 



     it would be easy to update the airport installer. This way, both the old and the new version of the airport could be installed, depending on the choices you made during installation. 

    There is no point to discuss technical requirement of an installer either while we don't understand how can we make the old airports compatible. The most logical choice would be to swallow it, make a new standard and from this point keep everything backward compatible loosing the current airports. However we also understand many of you spent lots of money already and we don't want to ignore that either. In the meantime we don't want to take the path that a certain Flight Sim did making each release problematic because of compatibility with an old code... 

    Possibly we will have to come up with a solution where the old airports would work in the new game but they will have limitations (for example the rain poodles would look like the screenshots above). Again, please don't jump on me, don't quote me, the purpose of this post is to let me share my thoughts with you and the progress of the development. Everything can change at anytime until an official announcement. Please read it as an off record discussion, the team is killing me already for this topic 🙂 



  4. 2 hours ago, Vantskruv said:

    Quoting FeelThere: "We are still using the "old" airports as we are developing brand new materials for the airports itself, but let me show you some drying concrete after the rain 🙂 "

    So the airports showing in the pictures is not the Tower3DXX ones, therefore bad textures and polygons. The atmosphere, shaders and lightning though is the effect from Tower3DXX.

    (Correct me if I am wrong).

    Exactly! Thank you!
    We could've added simple boxes, but we decided to use the old KLAX airport for our environment effect testing. No retexturing, nothing. Even this older airport looks much better (I think) with the new shaders and lighting. The airplanes are new, because we tested how's the rain is pouring down on them. 

  5. 12 hours ago, crbascott said:

    I'm sorry, but the old airport buildings and ground textures aren't doing it for me. The new plane models just get lost in the drabness. However, for whatever reason, the area surrounding the airport looks better to me. But from a pure graphics perspective thus far, and I know it is early still, my excitement level is at about 5 or 6 out of 10. Overall, I'll need to be closer to a 9 in order to purchase along with the confidence that development support (for what I hope is a sim and not a game) won't be dropped after a year. 


    No point to even comment on the airports. These are placeholders, you wont see them in the new version.

  6. 12 hours ago, EliGrim said:

    This airport needs to be closed immediately by the local authorities! 😉 The weather effects are still in an early state of development, right?
    This massive semi-transparent lake can't be the final result. Drying concrete after rain looks quite different in the real world.

    But I don't want to be overcritical either. Much more important to me than the graphics is the (as free as possible) communication with the pilots, instruments/systems that come close to reality and realistic behaviour of pilots, aircraft and ground vehicles.

    Will you publish a roadmap so that we can follow the development progress and get an idea of what you plan to include in the new version?

    Indeed it will look different once we add the new airports. The current airports aren't mapped for real reflection so they are reflecting everywhere. This is one of the reason why we are not yet sure how we can address backward compatibility. 

    Roadmap? Yes, I would like to have something like that. Either a blog, or some screenshots like these, but I would like to keep you in the loop for sure. 

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