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  1. CTD FSX and FIBER

    Ah, ok, thank You!
  2. Ok according this: "NEVER CLOSE FSX FIRST. FIRST CLOSE FIBER, THEN FSX. THIS WAY YOU AVOID ANY POSSIBLE CHANGE (WHICH ONLY POSSIBLE CHANGE IS TO HAVE YOUR TARGET FPS INSIDE FSX CHANGED TO UNLIMITED)" Fiber must be close before FSX, but what happens if FSX (like standards of FSX feature...) will recive CTD. In this time FSX will be close the first. I installed demo yesterday for testing, and FSX crashed after 40 minutes with A2A model. (I didnt backup cfg before installation, Fiber will do backup when it was installed the first time and puts somewhere on the disk?). What happens if FSX is closed before? It has influence for cfg or not after CTD? Regards!