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  1. MOVED FROM "ANNOUNCEMENTS" SUBFORUM to the SUPPORT FORUM! Dear pete i got the event value for to send to course value to ngx through "148A4" with event from "simFlight forms" as like below "1000148A4" send the value through 3110 as a event i tested and its working fine for left course. i need to add for airSpeed and alt like wise can you describe me what is the combination of "148A4"it.
  2. I Try to Scale down The pressurization gauge of ngx . the offset value is too large. How can i do it in vb.net
  3. how do you build using microcontraller...? Do you use fsuipc client.dll....? if you can answer above two i can help you...
  4. please Refer the XX:\FSX\Modules\FSUIPC Documents\FSUIPC4 for Advanced Users.pdf
  5. Dear Hesynergy Thank you very much for the you'r comment. I didn't know about the "Leo Bodnar's USB switch converter". So I have to try it. and also try to make free software for Home Made Cockpit Builders to make there custom (advance or simple) cockpit, specially for PMDG aircraft, i-fly and aerosoft aircrafts to connect arduino.... Regards Nayana.
  6. Do you use any micro controller for it... Or any c++ or vb.net application.....? and what kind of aircraft do you want to control ...? perhaps i can help you if you can answer above...because of ( parameters are varied according to aircraft , very special for pmdg. airbus x.. etc.)
  7. Helow pete FSUIPC 4.939n version do not receive 666A - 6C00 offset range. is there any error or would need new " FSUIPCclient.dll " version Or somthing.
  8. thank you very much Paul I got your all the information. It is Great. Thank you so much
  9. Hello Paul I did check the 0x6C5A | 7 byte string | IRS_DisplayLeft[7] 0x6C61 | 8 byte string | IRS_DisplayRight[8] it's not working is there another method to get its values.
  10. Any one have pmdg over head gauges fsuipc values some values shows on the "Offset Mapping for PMDG 737NGX" document there is no all the gauges. Differential pressure/Cabin altitude (dual needle) and Cabin climb indicator offsets values is not there any one have these offsets...???
  11. Thank you so much Paul About your kind concern. Can i have a "Offset Mapping for PMDG 737NGX.pdf" My "Offset Mapping for PMDG 737NGX.pdf" document don't have these offset values Thank You So much for you.
  12. Hello Pete I try to find offset value to get PMDG NGX IRS DIsplay value like below I Need to get " N541312 | W133122" like that Is there any method in fsuipc or other.
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