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  1. Thanks Will try that out now and hopefully the problem will be sorted!
  2. Hi Thanks for the info on the spoilers-it hadn't occured to me that as I was on the ground it would deploy full spoilers! Yes I was using the Default 747, and will when I complete the tests and logging you have specified. Sorry for the confusion about my statements of the problem. Originally when stating it, I was using a Dash 7 from the Dash 7 Project, but in the later areas (after re-installing FS2004) I went back to using the 747. I will get the log file for you now, and hopefully will get the results needed to fix the problem. Could there be any other application/game/settings anywhere on my PC that could be causing this? I agree that it does appear as if something is interfering with the control. I will also re-program the axis in FSUIPC to allow for null zones, and I will set the sensitivities to 100%. I will email the log in due course. Also, is there any way of taking screenshots in FS? This might help if one can see the throttle set. Thanks for all the help.
  3. To answer to all your questions, I've reset the default FS2004 values for axis and buttons, and have moved FSUIPC.dll out of the modules folder and deleted FSUIPC.ini. I have done all tests in the Default 747. The Spoiler Axis now has limited functionality without FSUIPC. However, there seems to be two different ways it operates: 1) The spoilers are consistent with the lever up until the lever goes past Armed on the throttle quadrant in FS, then springs down to Up. Now no matter where the lever is, the spoilers stay in the Up position. 2) At other times the spoilers can be consistent with the lever until about halfway, then they spring to Up again. However, when the lever is moved now, the showing of it in FS throttle quadrant shows the lever being moved, but it springs back to Up after a second or less. This suggests to me that there is something else having control of this axis. So I've also deleted every axis, same result. I have used each of the two Joysticks on their own, same result. However, I then tried the same lever for the flaps axis, and that works perfectly. It doesn't snap back to another location. I have been over the FS2004 settings, and none of the axis are set to reverse, just as in FSUIPC (when it was put back) were any of the axes reversed with "Rev". I have also tried installing the CH Controller Software (1.22), but this has not helped matters. For the reverse throttle issue, it appears that while all throttles are assigned to one lever, 1+2 are consistent with the position of the lever, 3+4 always snap to full reverse, and get struck there, similar to the spoilers. Here is the Joystick section of FSUIPC: [JoystickCalibration] ExclThrottleSet=No SepRevsJetsOnly=No FlapsSetControl=0 ReverserControl=66292 Reverser1Control=66422 Reverser2Control=66425 Reverser3Control=66428 Reverser4Control=66431 MaxThrottleForReverser=256 AileronTrimControl=0 RudderTrimControl=0 CowlFlaps1Control=0 CowlFlaps2Control=0 CowlFlaps3Control=0 CowlFlaps4Control=0 SlopeAileron=0 SlopeElevator=0 SlopeRudder=0 Throttle=-16193,16192 PropPitch=-7040,7040 Reverser=-16193,16192 And here is the axis log: Running inside FS2004 (FS9.1 CONTROLS.DLL, FS9.1 WEATHER.DLL) [Continuation log requested by user] Module base=61000000 ClassOptions: UIPCMAIN=FF7F, FS98MAIN=FF7F, FS2KMAIN=FF5E WeatherOptions(Orig)=40003605[40003605] InitDelay: 0 seconds WeatherReadInterval=4 LogOptions=00000001 126921 System time = 00:03:05, FS2004 time = 13:25:41 (20:25Z) 126921 WeatherOptions set, now 40003605 (timer=0) 149281 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -15862 (0xffffc20a) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 149343 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -15340 (0xffffc414) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 149390 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -14688 (0xffffc6a0) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 149437 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -14296 (0xffffc828) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 149484 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -14166 (0xffffc8aa) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 149546 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -13773 (0xffffca33) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 149593 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -13512 (0xffffcb38) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 149750 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -13642 (0xffffcab6) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 149796 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -15471 (0xffffc391) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 149843 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -16384 (0xffffc000) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 154781 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -14818 (0xffffc61e) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 154828 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -11032 (0xffffd4e8) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 154890 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -5680 (0xffffe9d0) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 154937 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -1764 (0xfffff91c) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 154984 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= 449 (0x000001c1) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 155046 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= 2634 (0x00000a4a) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 155093 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= 3405 (0x00000d4d) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 155140 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= 4047 (0x00000fcf) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 155187 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= 4561 (0x000011d1) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 155250 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= 4947 (0x00001353) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 155296 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= 5204 (0x00001454) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 155343 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= 6232 (0x00001858) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 155390 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= 7003 (0x00001b5b) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 155453 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= 7517 (0x00001d5d) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 155500 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= 8545 (0x00002161) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 155546 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= 9573 (0x00002565) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 155593 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= 10215 (0x000027e7) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 155656 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= 10344 (0x00002868) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 155859 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= 9059 (0x00002363) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 155906 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= 6617 (0x000019d9) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 155953 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= 4304 (0x000010d0) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 156000 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= 1349 (0x00000545) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 156062 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= 0 (0x00000000) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 156109 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -2025 (0xfffff817) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 156156 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -2678 (0xfffff58a) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 156218 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -3592 (0xfffff1f8) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 156265 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -4897 (0xffffecdf) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 156312 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -8813 (0xffffdd93) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 156359 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -10510 (0xffffd6f2) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 156421 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -11816 (0xffffd1d8) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 156468 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -16384 (0xffffc000) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 318890 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -15732 (0xffffc28c) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 318953 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -15340 (0xffffc414) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 319046 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -15601 (0xffffc30f) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 319093 *** AXIS: Cntrl= 65765 (0x000100e5), Param= -16384 (0xffffc000) AXIS_THROTTLE_SET 341828 System time = 00:06:40, FS2004 time = 13:27:15 (20:27Z) 341828 *** FSUIPC log file being closed Memory managed: 2 Allocs, 1244 Freed ********* FSUIPC Log file closed *** That was taken when the mixture axis was assigned to reverse thrust. I hope that theres enough info to sort the problem out-if anything else is needed please ask, or if there are any other tests i can do please ask. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I still cannot get it to work. So - I have reinstalled Windows XP+SP2 I then installed Drivers etc and calibrated joysticks Then FS2004 and 9.1 patch Then I installed FSUIPC 3.48 Next I assigned keys/axis to the specifics Now, I have two joysticks - a normal one with throttle and buttons, and one CH Flight Yoke USB. This is the setup - Normal JStick: Left/Right Axis assigned to Rudder in FS Throttle Axis assigned to Throttle for All Engines in FS Other buttons etc as default CH Yoke: Left/Right Axis assigned to Ailerons in FS Push in/Pull out Axis assigned to Elevator in FS Throttle Axis Not Assigned, though have tried to put it to Spoiler Axis but it doesn't seem to work Propeller Axis as default in FS Mixture Axis assigned to Mixture for all engines in FS, and assigned to Reverse on page 7 of FSUIPC. All buttons etc as default. The CH Manager software has not been installed. All axis on both JSticks have been processed in FSUIPC. This setup has only worked once a while ago, and i have not been able to get it back working again. Once FS2004 is started, I load up a 747 flight, and pull back on the reversers. The same thing happens whereby the throttles move back as expected, then 3+4 don't move as far back as they should, and when reverse thrust is cancelled, 1+2 throttles turn idle, and 3+4 open fully. I have no idea what is happening, and as I have said, I did manage to get it working only once before, but I have a feeling it wasn't with 3.48, rather a previous version, maybe the next version down, although I can't find anywhere to download it. I hope that explaination helps things a little. If there is anything else I can try, please let me know. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi I am getting problems with this version of FSUIPC when trying to use my CH Flight Yoke USB with the Mixture axis set to the Reverser axis. When configuring FSUIPC, on page 1 I set the Throttle max and min values as per standard. Then on page 7, I set the Reverser max and min values as changed by my mixture axis. This works perfectly for twin engine aircraft, however if used with four engine aircraft, the engines 1 and 2 reverse normally, and return to idle as expected, however engines 3 and 4 reverse to a point, then when the lever is back to idle, go the opposite way, and add more reverse. So in effect when the reverse axis is brought back to idle, I end up with Eng 1 and 2 at idle, and Eng 3 and 4 at full reverse. I have tried deleting the FSUIPC.ini file, and then deleing and replacing all FSUIPC files, and also downgraded to 3.411, but even with an older version, nothing happens at all. Can anyone fix this problem to have all 4 engines working together on the reverse lever? (BTW the throttle axis works perfectly) Thanks in advance
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