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  1. 6 minutes ago, FeelThere said:

    Dear Folks,

    As you can see this is not a widespread issue so it must be something local. Without sending us the log file, we can't look into that so reports without logs are ignored as we can't do anything with it.




    Does the log file show if the game play time is slowed? for example, if it takes 5 real seconds for 1 game play second?

  2. they like to land and take off into wind, you cant tell the wind direction before starting the game so it may be required to change the active runway for arrivals once the game has started, i think 10 knots or more of wind in the wrong direction tail or cross and the a/c will go around, as in really life...

  3. did you change the install directory, to make sure it installs in the "pro" folder. I believe the link is still installing in the non-pro file path by default.


    Mine install and work fine, i install in the same order as you and all I change is the install path.

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  4. It's only recently this has started happening for me, maybe the last month or so. The last update i installed was T3DPro SP3, and then reinstalled all the addons, Traffic, Color, KJFK, and KJFK Color.

    I can say for sure, with the same traffic and colour set up this was not an issue when I first purchased JFK, I would play 3-4 hours no problems. Now I cant get though an hour and I have everything set to minimum in the settings panel to try help.


    On a side note, I have a Cargo gate at the 13R end of the airport that aircraft wont pushback from, they will accept the instruction but wont move, I guess if it's like T2011 set up possibly a taxiway joining knot is missing?

    And on the North side of T2 (south side of T1), aircraft will push back fine, then after accepting taxi instructions will do 2-3 pushback/loops before they find the exit taxiway, funny to watch but when sequencing can slow the flow down waiting for the pilot to find his bearings.


    Still enjoying LAX though, no complaints there!

  5. also a victim,

    after about 45mins to an our of smooth running things start to breakdown, first frame rate, time slows to about 2-3 seconds to every one second of game play and unresponsive speach (same as clip posted), only happens and JFK that I have noticed. to the point I dont bother playing there anymore. sad as it's my fav of the airports.



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