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  1. Hi Stuart. You'll need to be running iFlyFSUIPC software (to integrate the iFLY offsets into FSUIPC).. Create a file called engine_cutoff.lua in your modules directory and copy/past the following script into it (it toggles the state on/off each time)... IFLY={ command=0x9400 } ENGINE_OFFSET={ [1]={ valve=0x0890, idle=510, cutoff=511 }, [2]={ valve=0x0928, idle=513, cutoff=514 } } function engine_cutoff (pi_engine) if ((nil==pi_engine) or (0==pi_engine)) then li_engine=1 else li_engine=pi_engine end local l_valve_pos = ipc.readUW(ENGINE_OFFSET[li_engine].valve) ipc.log (" Engine "..pi_engine.." valve is "..l_valve_pos) if (0 == l_valve_pos) then ipc.log (" Switching ON Engine"..pi_engine) l_valve_cmd = ENGINE_OFFSET[li_engine].idle else ipc.log (" Switching OFF Engine "..pi_engine) l_valve_cmd = ENGINE_OFFSET[li_engine].cutoff end l_fsuipc_val = ipc.writeUW(IFLY.command,l_valve_cmd) end event.flag("engine_cutoff") now startup your simulator and go into the FSUIPC menu and assign your buttons to LUA engine_cutoff... if you provide parameter value 2 it will toggle the engine 2 etc.. Hope this helps Cheers Gary
  2. Hi Everyone. Attached for everyone to play with is my LUA script that interfaces to a MAESTRO POLOLU servo card. My example code is for a flaps gauge but should be easily hackable into whatever you want. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the COM library to work against this card (perhaps Peter could look at this and compare it to the LUA RS232 library that I have used). Cheers Gary lua_maestro_polulu.zip
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