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  1. Well I guess the solution to my problem is more physical axis'. I may need to invest in a couple of Saitek throttle quadrants to have full control of prop and mixture for some finer adjustments. One more question if I may and thank you for your quick reply and help thus far. I have a three position toggle switch that I use for prop pitch adjustments, now I know there are adjustments and small adjustments in the drop down menu of FS controls but can that be modified any further? Making the rate at which the prop and mixture levers move at a speed set by yourself in the FSUIPC.ini file maybe? Even on the small increment adjust setting, when changing the prop pitch on a turbo prop aircraft, it has a very sudden and abrupt change in RPM. I know I could always just use the mouse for such things but that defeats the purpose of FSUIPC programming. Once again, thank you very much for your help and if I may say, thank you for everything you've done for our hobby over the years. Your name is pretty much etched in stone in the flight sim hall of fame! Cheers
  2. Hello, I am Jack. I'll get the usual things out of the way first, I've searched the forums and yes of course read the manual. It's the manual that brought me here to be honest, it just goes a little too deep for me to come to terms with and I'm hoping that this could be explained a little easier, that's if it's even possible of course. I recently bought a Thrustmaster Warthog and now do all of my assigning and programming exclusively through FSUIPC, should have done it all along really, it's brilliant, perhaps too much so. The warthog throttle has two individual axis' which I have set up correctly for twin engine operation, however, I was wondering if it's possible to have the throttle axis' in three states; throttle, prop pitch and mixture. There is a three position toggle switch on the side of the throttle and it would be great if lets say, the middle position is throttles, flick it one way and those two axis' then conrol prop pitch, the other, mixture. I know there would be issues as to what position the axis would have been in from one state to the next, for example, if your flying along at 70% throttle and full rich mixture, when you switch to the mixture mode, instead of bang all of a sudden, your mixture suddenly adjusts itself to that 70% mark, it would be good if you could advance the handles to 100% and then it would "engage" the virtual position that the mixture lever was in and then bring it back. At the moment I have a couple of toggle switches set up for prop and mixture as button presses to be held but it's not ideal. I'm hoping this is possible and if it's in the advanced manual, I probably read and wasn't smart enough to realise that the big words I was reading were the small words I was thinking. Cheers for your time and without a doubt, an incredible addition to customising flight sim with what almost seems limitless possibilities. Jack
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