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  1. OK,.. the new version fixed it.. Thank you. I now have both my Throtttles assigned. :) Added: Apologies for not searching the thread first before opening this one. I always think, my problems are so unique. :)
  2. This is for the FSUIPC5 (P3Dv4) I have two Throttle quadrant from SAITEK FSUIPC is just not recognizing one of my Throttle quadrant. The sim control settings can see it. When I am in FSUIPC Axis assignement and I move my levers, its not budging.. it does not react to buttons on that throttle either. How do I make it read this throttle Quadrant 2?
  3. YES that was the issue I created a new Page file and now I am able to load my PMDG 777 in Flightbeam's KSFO! https://youtu.be/Pze9ZtfBChM
  4. Pete..it may not be OOM.. its windows message something like this. Its almost identical except it says close "Prepar3D" The pop up I keep mentioning is this windiow This is PAgefile issue and now I remember I swapped my FSX SSD to a 1TB SSD for the new P3D V3 and that smaller SSD is running out of space.. Sorry about this pete Let me try to fix that and come back and report back.
  5. I am starting another flight..this time in KSFO but using the default aircraft.. lets see I am able to load this and fly around 1263640 Monitor IPC:024C (S32) = 1995720 1273655 Memory in use: 2146Mb, Avail=1949Mb 1273655 Monitor IPC:024C (S32) = 1996232 1283670 Memory in use: 2135Mb, Avail=1961Mb 1283670 Monitor IPC:024C (S32) = 2007880 1293685 Memory in use: 2147Mb, Avail=1949Mb 1293685 Monitor IPC:024C (S32) = 1995720 1303701 Memory in use: 2148Mb, Avail=1948Mb 1303701 Monitor IPC:024C (S32) = 1994868 1312842 Deactivated for PID=5964, "notepad.exe" 1312842 Lost fo
  6. one flight I had to reboot.. the gauges and everything froze...but the flight was proceeding I was able to operate the aicraft with my yoke.. but I could not use my mouse or place my cursor on the browser.. It was dinging everytime I clicked on my mouse... like all the mouse clickes are in bugffer.. so I had to reboot I am now loading the 777 at KSFO...with e logs turned on FSUIPC4 Key is provided WideFS7 Key is provided 31 System time = 04/10/2015 20:14:39 31 FLT UNC path = "\\FSX2-PC\Users\FSX2\Documents\Prepar3D v3 Files\" 31 Trying P:\P3D v3\Modules\SimConnectP
  7. I tuned on the log within FSUIPC normal log FSUIPC4 Key is provided WideFS7 Key is provided 668886 System time = 04/10/2015 19:48:16, Simulator time = 08:00:07 (15:00Z) 668886 FLT UNC path = "\\FSX2-PC\Users\FSX2\Documents\Prepar3D v3 Files\" [Continuation log requested by user] Running inside Prepar3D v3 on Windows 7 Module base=18240000 dule base=18240000 669042 Monitor IPC:024C (S32) = 2635704 679088 Monitor IPC:024C (S32) = 2632936 709150 Monitor IPC:024C (S32) = 2633448 759382 Monitor IPC:024C (S32) = 2626892 819723 Monitor IPC:024C (S32) = 2625228
  8. Pete this is not a single instance..this is a pattern..so its not frozen LEt me see how to do a normal log.. I haven't done this in a while I have forgotten how to turn on the log
  9. Exactly... So its showing I have a VAS of 2.5 G left yet it beeps that I am running low on VAS often times with Flightbeam KSFO and PMDG 777 and other sceneries added I get OOMs Manny
  10. In that case I have another 1.5G available? since 4-2.5=1.5 But right at that point I have OOM or FSUIPC Beeps/Pop up
  11. The VAS available being shown is seems way too much available. I do get OOMs..but available vAS is 2.5 Manny
  12. I backed out the new FSUIPC 4.9 and went back to my old FSUIPC which is dated April 25th 2012 (which was wo4rking fine earlier) So now, I am able to get past the FSUIPC issue, but many of my DLLs are failing. My Realityxp GPSW is not working anymore and then GFDev.Dll (Go flight) stuff is failing.. I tried reinstalling the latest GF and then I completely uninstalled GF, but some other DLLs are failing... after 15-20 min of flying.
  13. I am going to sleep.. Two weekends has been spent on this.
  14. I saw this http://forum.simflight.com/topic/68382-fsx-fails-to-run-after-fsuipc4-first-installed/ I see this " If not, right click on FSUIPC4.DLL, select Properties -- Digital Signature," When I right click on FSUIPC4.dll I can right click and do properties..but I cannot see any "digital signatures".
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