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  1. thanks Thomas for the reply - I managed to figure all that out. Only issue I have now is when I try and install the latest version of FSCUIP5 (demo) it tells me my version of P3Dv4 is not up to date enough..... Is there any site/way to get an older version of FSCUIPS that will support the earlier versions of P3Dv4? (unfortunately no intention of updating my P3D version just to get FSCUIP working as my current install is working well already with all add-ons installed).
  2. Just installed FSFX module for my PDMG 737 and basically being told I need FSUIPC for it to function................... Note I use P3Dv4 and I have no requirement to use FSUIPC for any other purpose at the moment other than to get FSFX module to work........note also I do own a version of the older FSUIPC4 (for my P3Dv3) so: Just wondering what my options are to get the required FSUIPC so my FSFX works - can see there is a demo versions of FSUIPC5 will this work? is there an unpaid version (if yes please can you give link)? or is my only option to get a full new licence? any help appreciated.............
  3. scn just trying the 2015 schedule now - also do you happen to know what the default schedule is in case I want to revert back (also there appear to be some unusual schedules such as dx9 and also one for P3D (which I am using) what does it all mean? and which is it best to select if your running P3dV3?)
  4. scn thanks for the reply - actually i didn't actually choose a schedule when i configured it originally! so all i really need to so is run the install and select the 2015 schedule and it should work?
  5. Burkhard Thank for the great news - I installed and got working one of the beta's in my P3dv3 - so I will install the incremental update as usual - but do I need to run any of the setup processes again in the communicator or should I leave it untouched and it will still work?
  6. I am about to install MT6.0 before I run the patch - I am assuming I should just install it on my C drive? (note only have (P3Dv3 installed which assume it wont detect) then I run the patch(beta4)?
  7. @Burkhard - 1)I notice from other threads the beta version4? of MT6 has been released that should work for P3Dv3? - I will buy my copy from SimMarket is it a patch? - note I will be installing fresh and only have P3Dv3 on my PC - so how should I install it - it looks like it needs MT6 already installed? 2)I am reading that MT6 is best used with some freeware software called traffic manager/air traffic manager(to limit impact on frames) - do you recommend this? how would I get this working in P3dv3? and where should I download from? Any help on the above appreciated! @SCN-In terms of your question P3Dv3 is well ahead of FSX - meaning I can run it almost fully maxed out (on a 4K monitor) with many add-ons including Orbx scenery and it gives me smooth performance with no stutters (also worth noting I am using a g-sync monitor which helps the smoothness) and also it continues to be improved - there really is no real comparison - I could never get FSX running so smoothly............
  8. Burkhard I have similiar question to manico - how (step by step as my IT skills are not so good) can I get myTraffic6 beta working in Prepar3dv3? Also please could you provide an update on when you will be able to provide an installer to get MT6 working painlessly with P3dv3? (I see so many forums discussing work arounds to get it working I am sure you would see a spike in sales if you released a fully compatible version as most P3D users are how moving to v3 or even v3.1!(both give significant performance increases) - and MT6 is widely regarded as one of the best traffic program on the market so many people want to use it with there P3D!)
  9. Burkhard couple of questions from a returning Mytraffic customer! Just started using prepar3dv2.1 after a long absence from FSX and want to add in some traffic - 1)I already have Mytraffic 5.3b pro bought from sim market -Can I just drop this into my prepar3d install and will it work or will I need to tweak the .cfg line? -If I want to upgrade it to the prepar3d compatible 5.4c version will I (as a previous Mytraffic) customer receive a discounted price? 2)Are Mytraffic X lite and Mytraffic 2013 (realise this one is published by aerosoft) prepar3d compatible or do they need some manual edits to get them working (note I am already using the EMT migration tool). 3)Is the new 5.4c version likely to impact my frame rates significantly and does it now work right out of the box with P3Dv2.1 or does it need some tweaks ?
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