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  1. Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.
  2. It says it cannot find any FS versions.
  3. Hi Mike. I have looked for the file in MT6 scenery folder until my eyes are crossed. So I checked two other airports that I shut off the bgl file. They are KMSP and KSNA. Neither is in the MT6 scenery file. I am at a loss for where they could be. All airports have traffic.
  4. I have double taxiway signs in LatinVFRv2. I attempted to shut off BGL in MT6 folder but could not find a KSAN in it. Suggestions? Thanks.
  5. I'm certain I know the answer but there are no dumb questions, right? Is there any way to remove commercial jets from military portions of mega airports or airports with joint operations? A 747 just doesn't look right at an Air National Guard base among the C130s. Thanks.
  6. Is there a way to eliminate FedEx and Military planes at commercial jetways? Thanks
  7. Can traffic intensity be changed in real time by moving the slider or do you have to exit and re-enter the sim for the changes to take effect?
  8. Thanks so much. I guess I posted too soon as I was flying out of KSEA (taxi2gate) and it was loaded with planes at about 36%. That flight actually crashed so I am doing more testing with the help of the good folks at Jetlines System. I have flown out of KDEM and KPHX (flightbeam) and both were populated where they were supposed to be. I am flying the PMDG NGX 737. I have now moved the sliders to 18%. My last flight from PHX to SNA was very jerky and I lost scenery at landing. I have never lost FPS with this system but I was using UT2 in FSX. I certainly need to play with the sliders to find the sweet spot between populated and smooth.
  9. I am a new user of MT6 after years with UT2. I noticed that the planes are placed helter skelter at the gates. Is there a way to place them at their assigned gates so that SW is at their terminal and United is at their terminal? Can the generic planes be eliminated?
  10. I just found it this morning. So sorry Pete. I got what I needed via Sim Market. Memo to self-----read FAQ!
  11. I am unable to find my key. I purchased a new computer and downloaded the FSIUPC but of course none of the previous documents transferred to the new computer. If this is not possible I will purchase the FSIUPC again. Thanks
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