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  1. Hi, In p3d v4.4 I'm trying to build a flight plan in Simbrief and then use in my ERJ135. What directory should I be saving the file to in order for the FMC to find it? I saw online that some people said it's the \CustomDB\ directory but I don't have that on under \feelthere\. Any suggestions or should I just use the .pln format? Thanks, Marc
  2. Still no luck with SP on Win 7!
  3. I have the exact same problem with the "Blah, Blah, Blah, TWO, Blah". Feelthere said to wait until the SP comes out to see if that fixes it. The only voice option I have is Microsoft Anna and it works fine with Tower2011 and Tracon2012.
  4. Sounds great. I'm sure I won't miss a few that don't show up!
  5. I'd also like to see KCLT. In the meantime, it is possible to create a schedule for another airport and then just find/replace one airport with another? For example find "PXH" and replace with "CLT" to at least give a better schedule? Thanks for the great work Dick. Marc
  6. Thanks...just sent a note.
  7. Never got an an email, but that could be because my email changed and it looks like you have the old one for this forum. I used the new one to order the software. I just changed mine for this forum so can you try again? Glad to hear it might be working. Marc
  8. Hi Vic, Not sure who Leo is, but this is Marc. Did you send the email to me? If so, I didn't get it. Let me know if you need my email. Thanks, Marc
  9. I just tried again by clicking the Contact Us button on this page. Hope it works.
  10. Great. I just sent you an email via the contact us button below. Thanks and hopefully this will work for me and others. Marc
  11. Tried that but no luck. Thanks for your help.
  12. No luck but just saw your reply about a hotfix. I'll look forward to trying that next week. Thanks.
  13. I'll try that this morning. I haven't waited that long.
  14. Made Narrator active upon login, but it didn't work. Took a while to load but still stopped at 70%. Having it active reads to me everything it's doing including just typing letters and mouse clicking so I assume that either it wasn't the right thing to turn or that's not the fix. For the record, I installed it on a different computer using Win10 Home Version, 64-bit and it worked fine, but want it to work on my Win 7 computer. Thanks.
  15. Ok. I'm at work now, but I can try tonight. Thanks, Marc
  16. In the control panel settings for Narrator, "Turn on Narrator" is not checked to automatically start each time I log on.
  17. It shows as checked: Echo User's keystrokes Announce System Messages Unchecked: Announce Scroll Notification Start Narrator minimized Is that what you needed? Tower2011 works great.
  18. Windows 7 Home Premium. I'm not a game log expert but I noticed the same "Towerspeak.dll can't be found" error as someone else reported. Thanks for looking into this.
  19. Win 7 64-bit. Attached is the zipped log file. Thanks. game.zip
  20. Hello, Installation went perfect, but all airports only got to 70%. When I zip the game log it only gets down to .03mb so I can't upload. Is there a place to email it? Thanks, Marc
  21. Opening graphics look great. I have the same starting issue as each airport gets to 70% and then hangs. I can hear the sound in the background but nothing after that.
  22. Makes sense. If I left the same schedule.txt, what would happen when running a different airport? Would traffic still arrive? Just curious. Thanks.
  23. Hi Dick, Thanks for your great work. I do have a question for you....After creating a new schedule.txt file for an airport, do I have to create a new one if I want to use a different airport or just replace it with the original version? For example, if I use SC to create a file for KATL, but then want to play at KPHL, do I run SC again and create a file for KPHL? Appreciate your help. Marc
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