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  1. Not via FSUIPC. There are no facilities. You can manipulate objects via SimConnect, but rising smoke would be an effect, not an object. You may want to ask questions about objects and scenery in a different forum. If not here in SimFlight, there will be an appropriate one in AVSIM. Regards Pete So.. I understand that its possible... Thanks Pete, I'll continue investigate! Omer.
  2. Hi, I was woundring how can I make a scenery model appear dynamiclly while inflight (FSX) - Such as a smoke beacon etc.. Of course im talking about doing so via FSUIPC (or simconnect?). Help in advance, Omer.
  3. Hi, Just wanted to update you guys that I have found a creative solution for this problem.. What im doing is using a command in the mission editor called "Simvar Profile" which creates a file named "profile.xml" in the active mission dir and then I make my program search if that file exists and if so that means the mission was successfully finished while when I start the program it deletes that file and wait for it to be created. Thanks evryone! Omer.
  4. hello pete, I don't know if I can switch a light or something like that through the mission editor but even if I can it is still a problem because the pilot may switch it him self during flight.. Any idea of what switch I can use for best results? Anyway, I will check this posibbility when I will get back home although I had tried to avoid this solution. Thanks in advance, Omer.
  5. I'm not familier with the SimConnect and uses FSUIPC only. Maybe you know when Pete is scheduled to be back home? Thanks. Omer.
  6. Hello, Is there an offset of mission complete flag? I have searched in the documents but didn't found something like that. Maybe an undocumented value or so? Thanks in advance, Omer.
  7. Hey Pete, When i'm inside a flight im still getting the ready to fly flag in FSInterrogate a 0 value (see picture below). You're saying it's working at your end so I have no idea what is wrong here. any ideas? Thanks, Omer.
  8. Hey pete, FSUIPC log writes "Running inside FSX (using SimConnect Acc/SP2 Oct07)" does that mean I running with no SP installed at all? Yes I did had an old version of the SDK and downloaded a new one which now supplies the Offsets Status as well. Anyway, I checked via FSInterrogate the offset 3364 - "ready to fly" flag and while FS is in the main menu it still returns 0 Thanks in advance, Omer.
  9. Thanks for your response Pete! I am using FSX SP2 (I think.. Anywhere I can ensure it?) Where can I find that FSX Offsets Status document you are talking about? I have thought about generating the failures myself but had thought maybe there is something builtin because its still some system resources that I can save... Another issue that I have encountred is that the Ready To Fly flag doesn't apprear to be functional in FSX (always return 0 with FS Interogate) is that true? If so, what can I do instead of it? Thanks in advance, Omer.
  10. Hey, I'm using vb.net & FSUIPC to communicate with FSX. I'm making a failure generator of some kind and getting in some trouble with some of the failures exists in FSX. As I understand from the documents all failures are launched by writting 1 to the correct offset. I'm having some trouble with some of the failures though: Pitot at 0B71 - doesn't respond. Com1 at 0B68 - doesn't respond. Com2 at 3BDB - doesn't respond. Nav1 at 3BE1 - doesn't respond. Nav2 at 3BE2 - doesn't respond. Nav2 at 3BE2 - doesn't respond. Electrics at 0B6A - doesn't respond. Vaccum at 0B73 - doesn't respond. In addition, I haven't found some of the failures even in the documents: Static port, Rudder, Flaps, Oil leak, Fuel leak, Alieorns and elevator. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance, Omer.
  11. Hello guys, First, im sorry I wasn't around as I was in the army for the past 21 days. Now, It is obviously that this problem is not related to my private program that im building as this problem also occurs with the "BasicExample" program. I have tried the basic example program with a fresh install Windows 7 (Via Virtual PC) and have recived "BasicExample has stopped working" message. Please note that I haven't yet installed SimConnect.msi on that virtual PC, because, as I try double clickon the MSI file im getting the "Gathering Information" window and than it disappears and nothing happends... I'm sure there is something needed to be installed before the programs will work properly. Please help &Thanks in advance. Omer.
  12. Hello Paul & Pete, Many thanks again for your help & support! great products! Omer.
  13. Hello guys, I must say thanks! I have done fixes that you have showen me. Though, after the changes the SIM crashed as usual. But, after I had updated my FSUIPC version to the newest exists (3.85) it all worked well! I will just take care to check clients's FSUIPC verison and prompt as needed. Pete, Another question with your permission: You had mentioned I should specify the string length but I can't see how if the declaration of the offset is in the declaration area and if I put it everytime I use the offset I get an error: offset already exists. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Omer.
  14. Hello Pete & Paul, Sorry for the delay on replying as I wasn't at home. Pete, for your request I have enabled IPC write logging and started a new log file and reproduced the crash. the resulted log file is as follows: And Paul, a small code snippest as you requested: Dim fsuipc_ground As Offset(Of Integer) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of Integer)(&H366) Dim fsuipc_planetitle As Offset(Of String) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of String)(&H3D00, 256) Dim fsuipc_writeTxt As Offset(Of String) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of String)(&H3380, 256) Dim fsuipc_TextDelay As Offset(Of Integer) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of Integer)(&H32FA) Private Sub Timer1_Tick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Timer1.Tick Try FSUIPCConnection.Process() Catch ex As FSUIPCException If ex.FSUIPCErrorCode = FSUIPCError.FSUIPC_ERR_SENDMSG Then ConnectionTerminated() Else Throw ex End If Catch ex As Exception End Try Plane_onGround = CBool(fsuipc_ground.Value) Plane_Title = fsuipc_planetitle.Value End Sub Private Sub Button3_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button3.Click fsuipc_writeTxt.Value = "Timer has been stopped! Incorrect plane type." fsuipc_TextDelay.Value = 10.0F fsuipc_writeTxt.Disconnect(True) fsuipc_TextDelay.Disconnect(True) End Sub * Timer 1 is set to 1000 miliseconds interval. Thanks for your guys help! Omer.
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