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  1. That's the thing I understood from them as well and I make them the remark that they were a bit rough saying that FSUIPC was not needed because they'd do everything inside so that FSUIPC would not be needed. And told them that FSUIPC was doing much more than simply giving access to the software via the SDK. Like having profile per aircraft type which is just immensely usefull. And then I got the following answer from DTG : So it seems to me they decided and never even asked you anything, though the FSUIPC that should be sold through Steam might be an issue as well. That's the point where they are totally unlcear on one side (steam forums) they say it's okay developer are free to do what they want, and on another side (avsim forum) they say developer must provide the product through steam...
  2. Yes don't kow what is going on but the stick is actually on the ID 11 both on the joyids program and on the FSUIPC axis assignement. I do wonder if there might not be some "virtual" device with the X55 as Saitek through it's new control panel allow a lot of alibration, deadband, saturation, curves and all. Maybe the 14 is the raw input that Saitek then takes and passes to Dx through the 11 ID, though it would do it only for the stick which would be strange. I've also fixed the throttle issue through one of your other post with the UseAxisControlsForNRZ=Yes option. Looks like I'm all set now. I hope it'll stay like this :) Thanks a lot for the support! :) Edit: just a little addition when checking on the DX Input page there are also two sticks listed which concurs with FSUIPC detections though th esecond one have 0 id, and I see the workign one with it's 11 id Edit 2: Made a thread on the AVSIM community forum on the hardware section so it might help others facing the issue : http://forum.avsim.net/topic/437639-x55-not-working-with-fsuipc-fsx-solution/
  3. No problem here is the page on which I found the program http://www.wingmanteam.com/latest_software/gadgets.htm Just a little more tidbit that one is strange but I don't want to touch it since it is working, now when I look the JoyNames part of the inie file here is what there is : It does detect things also on the log which is a little odd though as long as it works I don't really mind. Now I've another issue with the throttles and PMDG 777 as when the AT is arm and all the throttle still act on the controls and the blue position bar does not position correctly either, but that is not an issue with FSUIPC :)
  4. Allright I might have made some progress though surprising enough, and that seemed both unrelated to either Saitek or DirectX. While searching for joystick test application, I did find a small application called JoyIDs which purpose is to change the device ids for the joysticks. in the last trials I had the throttle in #1, the joystick in #2 and the rudder pedal in #3. I have previously reinstalled the official drivers too, which was not fixing anything. Having only the stick not working I changed it's id to #12, not chose really specifically, just wanted to change, and surprisingly enough windows started to see the axis and button in the calibration menu, as well as FSUIPC within FSX. Not sure at all of what caused this though, but looks fixed, but interesting to keep in my mind. I tried rebooting the PC it worked ,as well as unplugging, rebooting and plugging again and it's still there, I believe I might have solved that issue.
  5. I'll try and see things on staitek side, but there is very little activity on their forums. I've a ticket with support but no real answer yet, so gonna check on that. The DirectX websetup says everythign is up to date so nothing on that side either. I'll keep searching there must be something somewhere as just one is not visible and only in FSX and the Windows calibration. Inside any other sim I've tried they are both detected fine. And while testing I don't know why but I had once an opposite situation where the stick would work and the throttle would not be.
  6. Ok I did try removing everything but it's still the same. Though I can't be sure it really properly deleted everything. I've tried to find a way to clean properly but did not find any I check the box to remove driver too on deleting items in the windows hardware manager, and so now when I plug they don't appear in the user interface part, and I have two hardwares that have the yellow exclamation mark which are Saitek Bus which I believe ust be the Throttle and the Stick. But that is still the samething as long as FS sees it there is no problem for FS axis assignement, but still invisible for FSUIPC. And as previously the throttle is here and working just fine and nothing from the stick.
  7. Hello. Thanks for the answer here are the answers : I've not reassigned things at all for the test as I deleted the FSUIPC ini file to make sure it was clean. What I mean by that is that axis from the rudder and throttle are detected in the axis assignment window in the FSUIPC options. And I've the same issue with the buttons, Throttle buttons push are detected by FSUIPC but those from the stick don't do a thing and are not detected in FSUIPC. On both case the Joy/Axes or Joy/button window stay empty for any stick action and do fill on throttle actions. Yeah I move only the Stick having the issue in all direction for a few times up/down, a few left/right and a few twisting in both direction while being in FSUIPC options. Did not stayed longer than necessary, but could go for longer if needed. Yes both drivers and softwares are installed. Just the same way as they are for the rudder and as I had done with my X52 Pro. I'll try your suggesion this evening, I think I had tried that but only then reinstalled drivers and software, so I should remove all the occurences of the hardware in the windows manager, removing the pilot for each, remove the software, unplug everything. Reboot and then plugin the stick and try to get it working without doing anything or installing anything. Is that correct ? Cheers
  8. Hello Pete. I might join on this thread as I'm facing quite a similar issue.I've been using FSX within Windows 8 since a good amount of time. and was using the X52 Pro until recently which always worked perfectly, and thanks to FSUIPC never lost the controler during flight, wether small or lengthy, while FS would lose them randomly, but usually very quickly. So I've wanted to upgrade my things a little and I've gone to get a X55, because I knew all the things around the saitek software and never had any trouble with their controlers ever since I started with an X45. And also have a rudder pedal set which works nicely. So the problem comes with the Rhino, but only a part of it, which is the stick part. I can get the throttle working just fine and assign it's axes without any problem. But as for the stick it's completely unseen within FSUIPC interface. I can move the stick all that I want it won't detect anything. While it works perfectly for the throttle part, and still work perfectly for the rudder too. So before making the test above I deleted the FSUIPC.ini file so I would make sure it would be clean, and it did not changed a thing so I did apply the logging option, and have placed the resulting file here : http://www.atlanteans.net/FSUIPC4.rar (the ini is included as well) I did try the controller on other sim like Take On Helicopter or DCS A10C and for neither there were an issue. Also as long as FS did not ditch the controlers, if I get in the FSX command options and try to assign an axis to this stick it works fine. I hope you might have tome pointers to sort the issue :) Cheers. Aurelien
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