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  1. Sorry for posting in wrong section I really am very new to this techy stuff and I am mainly an FSX user. I don't know what FSUIPC is but I can see the links to download it. Do you think this programme is something that could help with configs or am I best to just take this up with Saitek? PS I stumbled across this website in the search of flight sim answers and your name crops up a lot so I posted here first. Any help will be greatly received. Many thanks. J
  2. Hi, I have over 2000 hours on FXS but not really Techy guy with the software configs. I have Saitek Pro: yoke with plug in Quad, Rudder peds and seperate quad with USB direct into PC. I have quad 1 set up as (left to right) Spoliers, Eng 1, Eng 2 and quad 2 as: Eng 3 , Eng 4, Flaps. All have been calibrated in FSX but I can't get Eng 3 & 4 to idle less than 50% and they don't have full throttle. Furthermore in the calibration X/Y box the cross hair seems to jump on these controls from the bottom Right to near centre with very little movement on the lever. I've set null to 0% and sensitive to 100% but no effect? I don't know if i have something wrong with the hardware on quad 2 or if this can be sorted in configs? Any help would be very much appreciated. Joe
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