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  1. My suggestion is to check out this post, which is a checklist of (most) everything you need to do if your're not getting traffic. Specifically, go over everything in the first page and make sure you're not overlooking something. Then check out about the last 10 posts or so. I chimed in there when I was where you're at now. I hadn't inserted the scenery layer and that was cause of my lack of traffic. NMaggio nailed it down for me in post #150. Also, I started a thread with a super simplified checklist for installation here, which should get the right schedules going for you ... assuming you don't need anything fancy and just want an out of the box setup. Hope that helps. Cheers.
  2. Ha, drunk snails indeed! Just curious, do think keeping both sliders more or less the same will get you an approximation of "real" world ratios at least -- even if not densities? I fly mostly in small-ish & medium sized airports, so I'm probably not going to see quite as many tubes in general. Just wondering though what mix (of commercial vs GA) represents reality the most. Also, NMaggio, I think looking at FlightAware might give you a more accurate representation -- though listening to live ATC chatter is quite a bit more fun. This is traffic for my local airport in Philadelphia, PA (US): http://flightaware.com/live/airport/KPHL. I have no idea how accurate this is, but considering it's a hub with mostly commercial traffic, I imagine it's in the ballpark.
  3. You need to get them from your original FSX disks. They are not automatically downloaded into you system when you install them, so (assuming you have FSX Accel), as odd as it sounds, you have to insert disk one and literally drag & drop the SDK folder onto your desktop, install that one into a separate folder on your machine. Once you've finished, you might as well do the same with SDK folder from the third (Acceleration) disk too, as it's a slightly newer version. Once either/both are installed, your will see the above TrafficDataBaseBuilder.exe file which you need to copy/move as per the instructions above.
  4. Thanks, Bukhard. Does the GA traffic need to be set to the same amount as the commercial airliner traffic? They both should be somewhere in that 30-50 region? I am probably more likely to encounter GA as I tend to fly into and out of smaller airports, mostly in the Orbx FTX regions of North America. Not sure if that makes a difference.
  5. Yeah, I might have bitten off more than I could chew -- at least at this point as somewhat of a newbie to simming and who can't devote too much time to the hobby right now. But it's ok. As long as it's up and running (and thankfully it is now for me), I'm happy. One thing though: with the default installation & the 2013 schedules running, about how far to I have to move the sliders in FSX for commercial and GA traffic to get somewhat of a comparable representation of real-world traffic density? Again, I'm not too picky -- and I'm not even sure if my so-so machine could even handle it. Just looking for a ball park amount. Thanks!
  6. Just curious about something somewhat related. Assuming you're doing a more or less default set up like I did above, how far to you have to push the sliders in FSX before you get somewhat realistic traffic density? I know this obviously is going to vary from reality, but I wondering roughly how far is recommended to have them to get close to the real deal. Just a ball park. Thanks.
  7. OMG, That seemed to do it! Actually, even with Windows 8 it seems that clicking on the blank space (as suggested in the post your referenced) worked fine on my machine. Also, for those who are interested, the text you're supposed to add to the config file through the MTX Communicator is: [Area.xxx] Title=MyTraffic Local=MyTraffic Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=xxx It seems there isn't a way to have MTX do this automatically they way it does for the FSX.cfg file. (Also, xxx = whatever layer/level you need to assign it.) Anyway, Thanks NMaggio, for you help! :) Problem solved. The skies are quite a bit friendlier now! Fwiw, I'd just like to say I find the installation of this otherwise great program pretty confusing and pretty daunting. I'm probably not alone in having the need to occasionally do a clean install of FSX (for all the annoying reasons that relates to FSX itself being problematic and outdated and always in need heavy tweaking, etc.). Unfortunately, I feel like MTX just adds to the sense of dread I feel when I realize I have to start FSX or my system from scratch. I say this hesitantly bc in general I don't like criticizing programs for their shortcomings. But since MTX isn't freeware & is priced competitively, and more importantly since I think I lot of the confusion people have here (which is over just getting the thing up & running) is avoidable. I realize it's a robust piece of software, and thus if you want to get into customizing it you're going to just have to RTFM and commit to some hours of learning, but I also think that if it's not an out-of-the-box kind of program, it should come with one single, simple set of instructions that clearly map out the things one needs to do to get the traffic in the air with default settings. Personally I find the multiple manuals puzzling, and have wished there was a list of things to do to get it started. I tried to create such a list here -- mostly just for myself, actually -- but even that cut through a lot of things that would probably be useful for the average/beginner simmer. (Perhaps a more comprehensive, but also streamlined post could be created and pinned in this forum some day?) That being said, it really is a great program and I really appreciate the effort the developer, Berkhard, puts into it. Seriously, it's quite commendable. Just figured I'd throw in my 2 cents. Cheers.
  8. Last thing. I just ran the Traffic_blg.bat and got the following result. (The trafficAircraft.bgl.passive file is in there too, though not displayed below.) List of AI traffic schedules F:\FSX\MyTraffic\Mytrafficclosed.bgl F:\FSX\MyTraffic\Mytrafficcommercial.bgl F:\FSX\MyTraffic\MytrafficGlobal.bgl F:\FSX\MyTraffic\Mytrafficmil.bgl F:\FSX\MyTraffic\Scenery\MyTrafficclosed.bgl F:\FSX\MyTraffic\Scenery\Mytrafficcommercial.bgl F:\FSX\MyTraffic\Scenery\MytrafficGlobal.bgl F:\FSX\MyTraffic\Scenery\Mytrafficmil.bgl F:\FSX\Scenery\World\Scenery\trafficBoats.bgl F:\FSX\Scenery\World\Scenery\trafficCarriers.bgl F:\FSX\Scenery\World\Scenery\Traffic_CEN4.bgl F:\FSX\Scenery\World\Scenery\Traffic_ORBX_NRM_GA.bgl I think this is ok, no? There is some added Orbx-generated traffic, but that's just limited to a few airports in their regions. Can't imagine that's messing this up.
  9. I know this is an ancient thread, but I'm having a problem seeing NO traffic in the skies, and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I believe I've set everything correctly for MTX 5.4con my newly-installed and fairly clean version of FSX -- on a machine on which I just did a fresh re-installation of Win 8. The initial installation seemed to go ok. I moved a copy of TrafficDataBaseBuilder.exe into the MTX folder. In MTX Communicator, I clicked Select Schedules > Autumn 2012 (and not the newer, more problematic 2013 schedule). In MTX Editor, I clicked Create > Schedules, files and traffic which took the expected ~3 hours to generate flights, and the result was a 90 MB MTX_V54c.myt file as well as very large corresponding .bgl files. As per the original post of this thread, I made sure there was an SimObjectPaths.6=MyTraffic\Aircraft in the FSX config file; the main My Traffic folder had the appropriate number of files in the Aircraft and Scenery subfolders; and the trafficboats.bgl & trafficAircraft.bgl.passive appeared correctly as well. But then I got to #3.... ... but nothing is there. Could this be the problem? It's not a mater of there being an area with an unchecked box, but there does not appear to be anything with the name "MyTraffic" in the library. There's a bunch of Orbx FTX areas on top, lot of the default areas underneath, but that's all. And every item is checked. I don't think S1 (above) is the issue. There is MyTraffic\Scenery folder, but I'm the only user/administrator on my computer and everyone (which is just me!) has full privileges. What could be going on here? It's like MTX is installed but some switch hasn't been turned on to let FSX know it need to populate the skies withe the traffic created by MTX. My system is very straightforward. As I mentioned, it's a very clean Windows installation and a nearly brand new install of FSX. The only addons I have are Orbx FTX Global base, Vector, several of Orbx's full regions, and also Plan-G, a registered version of FSUIPC, a few third party aircraft. But that's all. Please help! :( EDIT: Fyi, I did the idiot checks and made sure my traffic sliders in FSX were at 100% and went to ETAR (as well as several other large hubs in North America where I generally fly), but there are no aircraft at all.
  10. That's weird, because step two (picking the 2012 schedule) didn't really take all that long. I don't remember exactly, but it definitely wasn't 2-3 hours, which is how long step 4 took. I thought I remember the manual saying somewhere that if the process is conspicuously quick, it's possible schedules didn't actually get written ... but then again, I was a bit confused.
  11. So just to clarify, the procedure above is the "correct" (or at least one correct) way to get things set up & running if, like me, you don't want to do much customizing, no? I just want to make sure I'm getting everything configured well enough to see semi-realistic traffic -- and also establish a simplified guide for anyone who was confused by the complexity of the manuals. Also... Is that supposed to be zero?
  12. p.s. Forgot to ask. So the resulting file that was created in the ...FSX\MyTraffic folder is called MTX_V54c.myt. I'm assuming that's the one FSX will always read whenever I launch it going forward, correct? I mean, there's nothing more I need to do to "tell" FSX to use that schedule, right?
  13. I have Orbx regions too, but have had my traffic turned down pretty low. If I turn them up to start getting more a realistic experience, is there a way to change your settings somehow in the My Traffic Editor section? I can't remember now, but somewhere in one the long manuals I thought it mentnioned how to limit / expand the number of flights going into/out of a specific airport. (Was a tad confused though.)
  14. This is sort of a newbie question about MTX and setting it up essentially for the first time. If I'm correct in my understanding about how to get things up & running quickly, this can act as a quick start guide for those, like me, who were really confused by the many features and the several different manuals that came with the product. I like that MTX is so flexible, but I think it would be really helpful to have a simple guide for folks who just want to get their skies populated and get flying. The steps I followed are listed below. I guess just let me know if this will get me a good, basic, out-of-the-box type setup. Honestly, I'm not looking to get fancy, to tweak specific schedules, or customize things too much. I simply want a reasonable blend of traffic in the air that's somewhat reflective of what the skies are like; in my part of the world that's North America. Anyway, here it goes: 1. After everything seemed to initially install correctly, I moved a copy of TrafficDataBaseBuilder.exe into the MTX folder, and so in MTX Communicator the green box says it found the file. 2. Before exiting the Communicator, I clicked Select Schedules > Autumn 2012 because I saw in the forums that the Spring 2013 schedules had some bugs. (I'm not too picky, so that's fine.) 3. Because I wanted the most performance-friendly set up for my particular sub-optimal machine, I went to Configure My Traffic > Manage air craft configurations, I disabled Ground Animations and disabled Effect Light, and I checked the box for using simplified aircraft models. Then I clicked the green "For All MY Traffic Aircraft" button. Done. 4. Next then I opened the My Traffic Editor application and clicked Create > Create schedules, files and traffic. I kept everything with their default settings. (So all boxes in the upper-left were checked, the year was set to 2012, Airliners = 25, GA = 1, Cargo = 20, Military = 1. Also, the Direct X 10 only box was checked; even though I don't use use DX10 personally, I left this as is. Was that a bad idea???) Then I hit the Go on! button, and as you predicted it took a few hours to created all the schedules. 5. I don't know if I needed to do this last step, but I did anyway: I went to Create > Create all files and traffic, and I left it run for a few minutes. And that was it! I believe that was all I needed to do to get a basic, evenly distributed set up, but I'm not 00% sure. Either way, the end result was the following schedule: Does this more or less look correct? The only thing that struck me was the Number of scheduled flights was 0. Is that normal? Does that just refereed to customized scheduled flight -- which obviously I didn't create? Hope so. Any input would be great. I'm going to play with the sliders in FTX and expect the results your explain in the manual. I just waned to make sure this is what I needed to do to get things up & running. Thanks!
  15. That's funny, because I thought I noticed something similar -- not quite as much as you did maybe, but definitely thought there has been an abundance of Cherokees out there. I fly mainly in the FTX Orbx regions in North America, and mostly in GA-heavy airports as opposed to the larger hubs. Can anyone else confirm this? Hmmm.
  16. Thanks, Pete. Gosh, I somehow missed this in the manual (and I bet that's not the first time you've heard that!), and I haven't yet looked at the Advanced User guide ... but I'm about to right now. :) I think I get how this should work. Going to play around with it now. Cheers! Thanks Roman. It doesn't totally make sense ... yet. But I'm just delving in now. Appreciate the help. I'll check back in if I get lost -- which is very possible. ;)
  17. Sorry if this has been mentioned already, but I couldn't the answer in and I didn't see it in the manual ... and I'm very new to FSUIPC. Is it possible to assign one command to two buttons -- pressed simultaneously -- on a joystick? Basically, I'd like to reassign the trigger button (which it seems is often used for brakes) as a kind of Shift or Control key for other buttons on the joystick. The idea is to be able to perform actions by simply just pressing the trigger and then another button with one hand and thus not have to use my other to press a separate key on the keyboard, which something I know how to do already. Hope that makes sense. Thanks!
  18. Ooops! So sorry. Didn't know how I missed that one. Blush. Cheers!
  19. I'm mostly an GA flyer, I have a few older Carenado planes that I like, and I was thinking of buying a couple of others. I noticed that most of the newer ones they sell are part of their "HD Series." My system at the moment is so-so for simming, and it seems to respond to any sort of strain performance-wise despite tweaking. (In fact one of the reasons I fly GA planes is that the nicer PMDG-level aircraft are too hard of my machine.) I'm wondering if / worried that some of these "HD" Carenado planes are going to impact my frame rate. Do you think that will be an issue? Thanks!
  20. Ah ha. Well if anything, the replacement airports I'll be adding are going to probably have more parking spaces -- as from what I can tell purchased/enhanced addon airports (like those sold from Orbx) are going to be more robust and more complicated. But I guess it's possible for that not always to be the case. Good to know, and thanks for explaining. Sorry if this should be obvious, but how does one tell how many gates there at any given airport? Is there a way to view this easily thru the MTX interface? (I've only just installed it and set it up to run "out of the box" so I haven't gotten into the nuances of schedules yet ... and kinda don't want to.) Hmm. I think I understand. So you're saying that not all addon third-party airports are designed with FSX in mind and will reflect an older version's coordinates? How can you tell if an addon is written for FSX vs FS2004?
  21. Do you guys happen to know if I'm likely to run into problems with Orbx FTX's airports and MyTraffic? I'm guessing no, but perhaps you know different. Also, if I do the procedure you describe above, does that mean that airport will get NO traffic at all? I've turned off the FSX default traffic completely, so unless I'm not understanding this correctly, turning off MTX for a particular (problematic) airport will mean it's empty. No?
  22. I'm not sure if I necessarily want/need to do the same, but is that something you should do if you have addon airports? I'm about to purchase a couple of Orbx's regions which come with a bunch of updated airports, and I was thinking of purchasing a couple of others from other publishers. Do we need to do this for any non-default airport so that MTX will work properly? Confused. Thanks!
  23. Gotcha. Not a biggie. Hopefully by the end of the summer I'll have a nice, zippy little gaming machine with an SSD ... and it won't be a big deal at all. Cheers!
  24. Doesn't make a difference to me at all whether I'm using schedules are a year older, so I'm def gonna go with 2012. Happy flying!
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