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  1. At the moment Google Earth Pro is not working with Flightsim Commander, you can install Google Earth parallel to Google Earth Pro on your PC and Google Earth can be set as Volker posted above.
  2. Hallo Volker, in Ordnung, danke auch! Die Pro Version lässt sich auch parallel installieren zur normalen Version. Gruss, Joachim
  3. Also die Vorteile von Pro sind hier ersichtlich, welche Features man dann zum fliegen benutzt, bleibt jeden überlassen... wenn schon die Pro Version umsonst ist, warum sollte man dann Google Earth und Google Pro auf dem gleichen Computer installiert haben, ich habe Google Earth normal de-installiert, wäre es denn viel Aufwand FSC mit Google Pro kompatibel zu machen? Ich installiere aber dann gerne wieder die Google Earth -ohne Pro Version damit ich es mit FSC benutzten kann. Danke
  4. Hello, Has somebody got Google Eath Pro working with FSC? Now that Google Pro is free, it would be nice to link it to FSC... but it won't detect it. Is Google Earth Pro not compatible with FSC? Thank you, Joe
  5. Hello Volker, I like the small new additions, including the ability to use FS Global Real Weather in the latest version. Are there any plans for ASN integration? I think it would also be nice if FSC could download the weather on an interval basis to update the weather automatically, perhaps based on NOAA or by reading the weather files that the weather application produces. Freundliche Grüsse, Joachim
  6. Using the latest FSUIPC Pete we got it working :) Success It works without the " " I will also update my posts in the Aerosoft forum, if anyone is using the info. The .fms is being managed in the one folder and the .asc files in the other, and only 10 max. Yeah! Thanks, Joe
  7. hehe, no wonder it did not work... In the manual I read: Up to 32 “AlsoManage” lines can be given, numbered 1 to 32. but I did not know that only 8 of these lines are supported, yes I think it would be great if this can be expanded. Thanks again
  8. rgr, I cleaned up all previous files and am testing now but it's still not deleting the new autosave files in .fms and .asc format
  9. Hello Pete, I did try it out... well I have FSX in German so the folder is called Flight Simulator X-Dateien and because some programs don't recognize the German name I created a symbolic link some time back, so that when applications would write to FSX X Files it would go into Flight Simulator X-Dateien, this solved an issue with one FSX Add-on. But this as a side note, this is not the issue. Anyways, it does not seem to delete the older autosave and I found another folder with .fms and also added this to FSUIPC.ini, it's not deleting the files... wonder what I am doing wrong. The AlsoManage 9 and 10 is not working, everything else is working. Any idea why? One more question was it the line "Next2" for I did not find this in the manual. This is what I have now: [AutoSave] AlsoManage1=PMDG\PMDG 737 NGX\PanelState\*.FLT.fmc AlsoManage2=PMDG\PMDG 737 NGX\PanelState\*.FLT.sav AlsoManage3=PMDG\PMDG 737 NGX\PanelState\*.FLT.0.rte AlsoManage4=PMDG\747400\PanelState\*.FLT.sav AlsoManage5=PMDG\747400\PanelState\*.FLT.0.rte AlsoManage6=PMDG\PMDG 777X\PanelState\*.FLT.fmc AlsoManage7=PMDG\PMDG 777X\PanelState\*.FLT.sav AlsoManage8=PMDG\PMDG 777X\PanelState\*.FLT.0.rte AlsoManage9="C:\Users\Joe\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\*.asc" AlsoManage10="C:\Users\Joe\Documents\Aerosoft\Airbus\*.fms" !1=Also Manage Next=2 Interval=60 Files=10 SaveOnGround=Yes AutoSaveEnabled=Yes 1=Fri 091606 2=Fri 090710 3=Fri 090810 4=Fri 090909 5=Fri 091009 6=Fri 091109 7=Fri 091208 8=Fri 091308 9=Fri 091407 10=Fri 091507
  10. Hello Pete, WOW you are fast, thank you for your reply. I should have checked the manual, I learnt this feature previously from another forum, so I did not know it was documented in the manual but that makes sense that it is :) These "asc files" are called like "autosave mon 192901" and "autosave mon 193000" and "autosave tue 214240" Seems like the ASC files are: "autosave space day space "ddhhmm" So would this work? AlsoManage8="C:\Users\Joe\Documents\Flight Simulator X-Files\*.asc" Thanks, Joe
  11. Dear Pete and community, I am writing in reference to this thread here over at the Aerosoft forums. The new A318/A319 Airbus seems to produce .asc files that others and I would like AutoSave to manage, just like one can add lines to add for AutoSave to work with the PMDG 747,777... The Airbus seems to be saving .asc files into the main FSX files folder, how can I include this path, it's not within the FSX path. Can you help? Thanks and kind regards, Joe
  12. Joeflyer99 is probably using NavData Pro, not Navigraph. I also have a problem with Cycle 1405 from NavData Pro and had to revert. The application hangs when selecting an airport.
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