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  1. Hi Pete, I've been strugling with this for a while now, and I think I've tried all ways of doing this without getting it to work properly. First off, let me expain what I want to do: I want an external application, running on another computer than P3D, to be able to reset the flight in P3D (in the case of a flight crash or similar). I've looked around and didn't find any way of doing just this using FSUIPC offsets. This is why I thought this solution would work (but it doesn't): Get current loaded flight from 0x3F04 Remove path and file extension from above string (to only have the flight file name without any directory or .fxml extension). Put this back into 0x3F04 Set 0x3F00 (write only) to 0 (zero) to instruct FSUIPC to Load the flight loaded into 0x3F04 The effect this has on P3D v3.4 is an all-black screen like this: I can get the screen back by pressing ESC and then selecting "CONTINUE" in the menu. This also happens on P3D 4.5. Any ideas on what the problem is, or any alternate suggestions on how to re-create the P3D Scenario->Reset menu option? Thanks!
  2. Hi! First off, thank you for this amazing .net library and that it's not easily accessible through a NuGet package. I'm always trying to stay up-to-date on my NuGet packages, which applies to the FSUIPC client as well. I did a regular update from 3.1.5 to 3.1.10 yesterday, but that came with some change in behavior. The only thing I did was to upgrade the client, no changes to the code itself for these behaviors to happen. The scenario I've found so far is that Offsets I have defined, but not yet interacted with, changes without anything in the code changing them. In my case I discovered this cause as soon as my application loads, the aircraft starts pushing back using the pushback feature in P3D. I've defined the pushback control offset like this: private readonly Offset<Int32> fsuipcPushbackControl = new Offset<int>("Aircraft", 0x31F4, true); If I downgrade back to 3.1.5, the normal behavior is back. I'm guessing this is related to the change in BETA 3.1.6: Have I done something wrong in defining my offset for this to happen? I can fix this by moving this offset to its own Group and only calling it when changing the value, but shouldn't WriteOnly offsets still be able to share a group with read+write-offsets? There is no code that sets the pushback value before it's processed, and even so, it's set to 3 when initializing the application. I just need to understand this in order to not get hard to troubleshoot effects at a later stage when using write-only offsets. Thanks!
  3. Hi! Is there any offset in FSUIPC that can tell me if the simulator is connected to a multiplayer session or if it's flying "offline"? Thanks!
  4. Today I spend a couple of hours on trying all different ways of starting these applications. It gave me some new info, but I didn't find any way for me to start the applications I want without loosing WideClient along the way. Only starting the Prosim737 application and WideClient alone doesn't cause a crash. It's the combination of Prosim737 and the ProsimMCP application that causes this. These two applications are the only ones in the Prosim suite that uses a FSUIPC connection, the rest goes through the Prosim server to fetch data from FSUIPC. I tried to start the application directly from WideClients run-when-ready-feature with a delay. The result was a bit different. Using this method, WideClient froze instead of crashing by definition. This is illustrated by Microsofts fancy "milky"-effect: The log file created when this happened (happened on every start of WideClient using this config) has been attached as WideClient.log.txt. I also tried this setup using the Debug mode of Logging. That file is attached as WideClient_debug.log.txt. I'm not sure if this would indicate something to you. I found it interesting that a combination of two different applications using the FSUIPC link can cause this crash, and that the application freezes if they are launched from within WideClient. Thanks! WideClient.log.txt WideClient_debug.log.txt
  5. That can be set up fairly easy yes. It's probably worth a try since I can't find any more information the normal way.
  6. Sorry if I missled you there. Either way doesn't work. I also tried to remove the Prosim737 application from the startup and started it manually at different stages and the crash could happen either way I did it. It happens with or without the ProsimMCP started, also independent of the startup order. To summarize, I haven't found any combination (except not starting Prosim737 at all) that does work all the come consistently.
  7. Sorry about that, was in a bit of a hurry when looking at the log files. You are right about the ProsimMCP application. My launcher app allows for delay, it's a long delay (10 secs) between all the applications to minimise the risk of crashes etc.
  8. I've got the log-files now finally. Here's a log-file from a normal working startup of WideClient: And here's the same for the crashing during startup scenario: As you can see, the log stops at the launch of the "Prosim737" application and doesnt proceed to register the launch of the ProsimMCP application since WideClient crashes before then. No error messages though.
  9. Sometimes yes, sometimes not. There are actually three possible scenarios that I've seen: 1. WC (WideClient) crashes as soon as Prosim737 is started (even if you wait 10 minutes after WC was launched) 2. WC crashes as soon as the Battery switch is turned on in the Prosim software 3. WC doesn't crash at all during the whole flight session I haven't seen a connection when these scenarios apply, I tried to reboot the computer 4 times and it felt random. I will check the logs in a few hours and post the result! Well, it does for it's own modules. It uses a combination of FSUIPC and SimConnect to communicate with P3D though.
  10. I'm running Prepar3d 1.4, and that is not at all affected by the WideClient crash. All other clients are running fine. This happens during the startup of windows. I've added some applications to automatically start when WideClient get a connection to P3D, and it's when this happens WideClient crashes. If I remove the Prosim737 main application from the list of applications, then WideClient doesn't crash. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, which is also a bit strange. I talked to Marty, the developer behind Prosim737, and he hasn't changed anything in his FSUIPC integration code for long now. It might be a driver problem, but in that case I need to know which driver that is the problem. I've updated all drivers to the latest version, but if I need to revert any of these, I need to know which. I can't find anything in the log, and I guess that because the application crashes to the desktop and it doesn't have the time to log anything?
  11. Hi Pete, I'm having constant problems with my WideClient application that is crashing. This started a couple of weeks ago. The error message are as follows: Any idea what this could be? Is there any way to further log or debug what could be the reason? Ntdll.dll doesn't tell me much at least. I'm using the latest version of FSUIPC (tried the latest beta-version as well), same thing with WideClient. Thanks Regards, Daniel
  12. I read about it here on the forums, where the suggestion to set the value to 0 also was mentioned as a possible solution to crashes due to WinMM and DirectInput. The application is there already (without a single crash) doing similar stuff (processing the joystick buttons and axis), I'm just missing an offset to change when the button is pressed. Regarding re-installing, I've even bought a whole new computer to make sure it's not a USB problem on the motherboard (this new motherboard has another USB driver chipset). By the way, I've tried multiple version of WideClient (6.995, 6.998a, 6.998b). /Daniel
  13. Hi and thanks for the quick answer. I've read about this feature in the manual, but at the moment I have set this facility to off (ButtonScanInterval=0) in my config file to not get WideClient to crash due to some hardware not making WideClient happy (often crashing due to WinMM.dll or DirectInput). That's why I was hoping to be able to trigger this from an external application that doesn't crash and that reads the joystick card inputs and sending it through FSUIPC.
  14. Hi Pete, Is there any way to, via an external application, send the same command as the Squawkbox PTT command that is selectable in the drop-downs in the buttons section of the FSUIPC module in MSFS? I guess I'm looking for a way to alter an offset to press and release the squawkbox PTT button. Why would I want to do this? I have a joystick card connected to a computer that is NOT running MSFS, but I want a button on that joystick card to act as the PTT for Squawkbox. Thanks! Regards, Daniel
  15. A last update on this. I've succeeded with getting the true track by using the posted formulas out on the internet, but remembering to convert ALL angles to radians in the calculation.
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