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  1. I didn't know that I could loop a Cessna 172 (multiple times!)
  2. I just bought a very nice trim wheel from Flight Velocity. FSX sees it as an axis. The problem is that FS initializes the axis at the zero end, not the center. This means that the first time I touch the wheel, the trim snaps to full trim up. The aircraft loops 🙂 It's a long shot, but is there anything that FSUIPC4 can do to center this axis when a flight starts? Thanks, Ed
  3. I am running the latest FSUIPC, just downloaded last week (wrong computer to look for the version number). I recently learned that one can load flights and plans from directories other directories. I was wondering how one saves files to these alternate directories. There doesn't seem to be a checkbox to enable that. If not, what is the value (asking seriously, not snarkily) of loading from other places. How would the files have gotten there? I suppose I could sort them in the File Explorer. Thanks, Ed
  4. Hi Pete, First, I confirm that I have 4.976 on my Win10 machine. I now have the encoder box working fine. Thanks for the help. Ed
  5. Peter, thanks for the quick reply. This FSUIPC4 file was from the Win7 machine. My recollection is that it works, though I've moved all the peripherals to the Win10 machine. Given that the only customizations are my six rotary encoders, I'm happy to toss all of it and rebuild. Can I do that by just deleting the file and let it recreate? Also, can you confirm the correct location of the file? Is it in the FS directory under modules? Thanks, Ed
  6. I have a working installation of FSUIPC on my windows 7 box. FSX has been installed since 2010 (or maybe 2012). I installed FSX on my new Win10 box, installed FSUIPC, and although it pops up, and allows me to program buttons on my Saitek yoke and throttles, I also have a DTK rotary encoder box. Six rotary encoders connected with USB. On my win7 box, I had them programmed as HDG, OBS1, ALT, VS, TRIM and OBS2. On my win10 box, I get "This has multiple actions already! Please edit it in FSUIPC.INI" The checkbox for select for FS Control is greyed out, and the Control Sent when bu
  7. Hi Peter, Clearly they had been replugged. I knew that, and as soon as I went back and renamed things to letters, I was OK. One documentation comment: The lines for the buttons: [buttons] ButtonRepeat=20,10 1=P1,1,C65880,0 2=P1,0,C65879,0 3=P1,5,C65893,0 etc become something like: [buttons] ButtonRepeat=20,10 1=PA,1,C65880,0 2=PA,0,C65879,0 3=PA,5,C65893,0 But this transformation is not documented at all. I had to experiment that the PA syntax was correct. All working well now... Enjoyed flying around on Autopilot and adjusting heading and altitude using my rotary encoders.
  8. Ah, I think I see the problem. I previously programmed these as P1. Now the device is P2. I'll go read about how to define the joysticks so they don't drift around. Ed
  9. Hi, I read this topic with interest, since on my first return to FS since installing FSUIPC I also find my buttons not programmed. I'm not sure what acft I had open when I programmed the buttons, but they were not there when I returned to the Cessna 172 tonight. Shown below is my FSUIPC4.INI, which clearly shows what I had programmed before (a box with six rotary encoders that appears as 12 buttons.) Can you tell me why these do not show up in all aircraft? Thanks, Ed Greenberg [General] UpdatedByVersion=4800 History=WXWK9JV283OREN9CL4XIO TCASid=Flight TCASrange=40 AxisCalibration=N
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