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  1. Having the exact same issue. I have seen other people install it and registering it with V3... what other options do we have?
  2. Just noticed the same question was asked just below. Hope some admin can remove my post
  3. Uninstalled P3D 2.5 and Installed V4. Shortly after I reinstalled the latest FSUIPC 44945a and it installed fine. However the window where to enter the registration wont show up afterwards. Any ideas? I tried installing it with the antivirus disabled.
  4. Thanks for your answer. I guess this world is full of experts. So then I understand that it is exactly the same problem as before then. If FSUIPC rescans for connected USB devices, unplug and plug in the devices might solve it? I will try that when I get the chance next time. I think this problem in Win8 has something to do with powersaving of the USB hubs. I have disabled these aswell but no difference, although I had explained to me that that might still be the causative factor. Thanks for your help anyways,, //Kristian
  5. Hi Im running FSX on Win8 and have for a very long time had problems with fsx losing my joystick. Everyone told me the solution was to buy the paid verion of FSUIPC4, so a few days ago, I did. I have set upp my flightcontrolls with button asssignments and everything and it workd wonders until today on my first flight with it. It started of good but 2hrs later at the destination the assigned buttons didnt work at all, I checked inside FSUIPC and it didnt react to any buttons on the joystick. However the axes was till working. I turned around and 2hrs after that (in the same session) I disconnected the AP and noticed that both axes and buttons didnt work. FSUIPC didnt react to anything. The strange thing is that I have EZdok assigned to the HAT switch and a few other buttons on the joystick and that was working all along... A simple restart of FSX solved all problems. Does FSUIPC lose the controlls also just as FSX did before? Please help me
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