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  1. Thank you, Pete, for your fast reply. I have assigned the axis as you have written, but nothing happens. As you have mentioned, PMDG seems to have their own thing. Assigning the spoilers to a button or a rocker switch works perfectly. It's a pity that I can't use my slider for anything, but then it's the way it is. Thanks anyway. Ralf
  2. Hello, First, as I have written in the title, I own the X52Pro. My main question is to ask, if it is possible to move the slider on the throttle to move the speedbrakes, escpecially in the B738 or B772 from PMDG? In FSUIPC5 the axis is known as axis S. I'm too inexperienced of these tons of buttons to make them move the speedbrake lever, although hoping that it is possible? Does anybody have a clue? Any answer is appreciated. Regards, Ralf
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