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  1. Does the 737NG topper calculate Obstacles in the 2nd segment like TOPCAT? Also does it have fixed derates also?
  2. How do you activate the logging? I’m not at my PC so can’t check the manual. Cheers
  3. Sorry haven’t had time let me do this tomorrow if i can.
  4. FSUIPC5.log above is my log. I don’t think the UGCX propeller sync is working because it will show up on the top screen of P3D in a green bar
  5. Sorry John !! I will need to check the logging when i get back home.
  6. Prop sync is UGCX soft mute pete. So when i press PTT for vpilot ATC transmission it will mute UGCX and won’t send my voice
  7. These are on repeat so when i press the PTT and the propeller sync entry it will transmit while held.
  8. Still doesn’t work. FSUIPC only recognises my last entry
  9. Now i keep getting double entrys? I have unassigned everything except Toggle propeller sync!?
  10. I mean i done what you said above having two entrys but FSUIPC only recognised the last assignment
  11. Will I remove the first entry before assigning the second button? Because that never worked
  12. Ok something like this - line 24 is my Vpilot PTT and line 52 is UGCX soft mute
  13. This is really technical for me. Could you give me a quick run down on easiest steps to accomplish this please
  14. I’m using Prosim737 and i want to assign a PTT key and a PTT button in FSUIPC but the buttons + Switches only allow me to assign one. Basically i have a keyboard key press assigned for my Vpilot PTT and i want to also use the button for UGCX for soft mute.
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