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  1. Ok pete, but how can i achieve this - If they are offsets to drive the motor for the wheels I'm sure that you can assign to those AND have them assigned in ProSim.
  2. Hi pete, Here is cockpit for you TQ instructions. As you can see they won’t you to use these offsets to make your yoke trim move the trim wheels
  3. But if i use simconnect and then use trim on my yoke prosim737 trim indicator jumps up and down and stays at 4 units?
  4. Let me try simconnect. But i use CFY TQ and that trim wheel needs FSUIPC though. What you mean faulty ram module? My PC is brand new with all new hardware and has been built professionally thanks
  5. When this crashes it also cuts prosim737 off ie engines cut off etc. i run PS in FSUIPC mode FSUIPC7.exe 6055d473 ntdll.dll 10.0.19041.844
  6. Hi pete, i did restart the FSUIPC7.exe before I thought I couldn’t. Just forget sometimes that this isn’t built into the sim anymore. I haven’t assigned anything i’m just having a nose in the axis menu 😉 Ok next time i’m on i will send the event viewer Cheers
  7. This crashes only with prosim737 running ie the main module FSUIPC7.log
  8. Next time i will send the logs etc
  9. Hi pete, Certainly will provide more information tonight. I was using Prosim737 and prosim737 flight model.
  10. When i show FSUIPC in MS2020 click on AXES, FSUIPC crashes and disappears. This causes me to restart MS2020 Anyone?
  11. Yeah, i added the wideclient on my server PC and works flawlessly now. Cheers pete
  12. If i disable my server firewall it connects straight away
  13. It does connect after a few mins but not as quick when i had v4.5 Ok i added ServerName=DESKTOP-EI9RCDF Protocol=TCP And still it takes forever to connect and not instant
  14. Hi, pete It connected after several mins. i wentto my cockpit and then rechecked my client PC and it said connected. WideServer.log FSUIPC6.log
  15. Suddenly after installing V5 i now get this on my client PC ********* WideClient Log [version 7.146] Class=FS98MAIN ********* Date (dmy): 19/05/20, Time 11:10:02.760: Client name is PC2 125 LUA: "C:\Users\verno\Desktop\WideFS\Initial.LUA": not found 203 Attempting to connect now 203 Trying to locate server: Need details from Server Broadcast 203 Failed to connect: waiting to try again 1219 Attempting to connect now 2266 Server = DESKTOP-EI9RCDF 2266 Trying TCP/IP host "DESKTOP-EI9RCDF" port 8002 ... 2266 ... Okay,
  16. I got it working pete. I had my yoke button assigned for intercom switch in Prosim737
  17. I set it. In GATES you have I/C i set 3340.0 Its all to confusing for me i’m best to leave it alone.
  18. Pete, i found why it was on - because i use Prosim737 intercom i set ALWAYS ON for my intercom. Now i have turned it off its showing = 0x0
  19. Ok, its showing as IPC: 3340 (U32) = 0x1 I’m activating the I/C switch but its stuck on 0x1 Does this make sense?
  20. Its all plug and play Cpflight pedestal. Not sure Cpflight can do anything though? Because i have 3344.0 and 3344.1 working. Unless i need to assign something else somewhere maybe?
  21. On pedestal- ACP the switch called I/C and R/T
  22. Because I already have 3344.0 and 3344.1 set for RT switch on my pedestal which activates PTT for Vpilot. Someone on Prosim737 forum said try 3340.0 and 3340.1 for your intercom switch which i am trying to assign that to the X button.
  23. Where can i get a list of these numbers? Its all pretty confusing. Yeah I checked that page and nothing was showing up.
  24. Pete how are you? I own Prosim737 and Cpflight ASP V2 and I’m trying to assign 3340.0 in Prosim737 config to the FO ASP IC, but when trying the switch in FSUIPC the joystick button isn’t getting recognised? I have set 3344.0 and 3344.1 for RT switch captain and fo and those work fine?
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