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  1. Yes. .fsr are the file format used by FS to store video clips. I have built such a utility but it only works about 85%. I'm stumped on how to achieve the last %15.
  2. I have a long list of latitudes, longitudes, altitudes, and some compass readings in a comma separated values (.csv) file. I would like to have FS 2004 play these as a video clip. This means I need a utility that would convert my text file list of values into a bunch of frames. (and I would imagine, come up with "dummy" stand-in FLT, PDIB, ODIB sections of the .fsr file) Pete, Do you make such a utility? Does anyone know of such a utility? I would a) Pay for a copy or b) Pay to have one made (if reasonable co$t) Please note: I do *not* want to use any sort of pipe, or inter-process communication. I just want an .fsr file that I can play back like anyother FS 2004 video clip, without having to run any other app while FS is running. Thanks for any help you can give.
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