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  1. Hi, What I am looking for to be more concise is the appendix at the end of the FSC 9.4 manual to be updated to refer to windows 7 the appendix is referring to the networking two computers. Thanks. Desmond.
  2. Hi guys, I am not familiar with networking and at 73 years a bit slow. First the required information: FSX 2sp FSC 94 FSUIPC4.934 Wide Client 6.999m 2 PCs each windows 7 - 64bit I have FSX installed on a drive of its own. (drive X) FSUIPC4 is installed to the root of that drive X (so includes Wide FS 7) I have Wide Client installed to the Client PC where FSC is also installed. I have other "add ons" including scenery add ons installed to another drive (drive F) FSX indicates that it is connected to the Client when FSX is running so that's OK. Now this is where
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