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  1. Took the fall and wiped FSX et al from disk. Cleared out registry, directories, etc. Did fresh installed of FSX with FSUIPC and PMDG777. It Worked fine. Installed add-ons one at a time and double check flight. All works fine. I am doing a LAX-LHR flight now and have passed that magical point which the plane started to act up... Not sure what caused it but something must have been re-configured deep in the bowels of the machine... Case Closed.... Thanks for your assistance, unlike PMDG.... JIm
  2. Well I just tried a flight from LAX to EGLL in a 777. I re-arranged the DLL file to start FSUIPC first then place the ASN as_bstrp file at the end... I was able to fly for about 5 hours with no issue until suddenly the 777 pitched up and lost speed. AP wouldn't work nor the manual flight controls. It's like i lost all control of the aircraft... One thing that was very strange is that this happen at about the same longitudinal point as the KBOS-EGLL flight i did the other day,. This just took longer. Flying over the US seems ok until i reach ther Canadian regions.... This makes this plane useless to fly now along with the 747 Jim
  3. Yes i told them but they are quick to assert blame when not even making constructive suggestions... Is there in order the FSUIPC and as_bstrp.ll need to be in? I was reading in your PDF file that the LOADER delays FSUIPC until the others have had time to load... Here's a copy of my DLL file.... dll.xml
  4. Pete, Just got done "chatting" with a developer at PMDG...Again the finger pointing begins..... He says its FSUIPC issue...smh. I DO need to use FSUIPC for the VA i fly with. Their ACARS unit requires FSUIPC to be installed... Jim
  5. Pete, Have some good news: I tried the Aerosoft A321 , flying the same FP...Rock steady. Didn't lose AP nor controls. It appears that this is a PDMG issue... Thanks for your assistance in this... Jim
  6. The only external thing i have running now is ASN w/ FSUIPC enabled.. I am deducting one thing at a time to see what happens.... I am not using PRO ATC_X at all during this whole exercise...lol.. Just tedious to retry this over and over..... But it is definitely easy to duplicate.... What is also weird is that the ailerons appear to move after i disconnect the AP but the plane itself doesn't roll. The elevator and rudder don't move. Also i can't select/click certain items on the menubar in FSX under the ADD-ON area. My next step will be to try this with a non-PDMG plane like Aerosoft A321..... Jim
  7. I do see some Lua files in the Modules directory. Not sure where they came from... I use ASN, Rex SkyForce 3D, Coutal add-on manager with several FSDT sceneries...PRO ATC-X...
  8. Pete, I renamed the .ini file and the problem still exists. As stated before, i downloaded the latest one from the site a few days ago..Could that be the issue? I will see if i still have the older version and will re-install that and see if the problem still exists.... Jim
  9. Hello, I am really having a tough time trying to figure out what is going on with my autopilot and PDMG a/c. I filed a flight plan from KBOS to EGLL.. About 20 minutes later after reaching 350 (cruise altitude), the plane started to descend on its own for no apparent reason. I deactivated the AP and re-activated the AP. The plane will not respond to it nor any manual control of ailerons, rudder, not elevators. Some of the buttons on my Siatek controller still work, but not the yoke or throttle control. After 6 hours of removing every add-on , scenery, weather, atc add-ons i have, I was able to make things work again.. The thing i found was when i inserted/re-enabled FSUIPC module again, the problem returned. I then removed it again, rebooted the machine , started FSX and the problem went away... The only thing i can recall is that i downloaded the latest FSUIPC several days ago... Jim
  10. jwyman

    Tower 3D and KSAN - PINK

    Just purchased 3D Pro! Thanks for all your help.....Wil my RT and RC work with Pro?
  11. jwyman

    Tower 3D and KSAN - PINK

    I was fearful of this...I wonder if I should just get Tower 3D Pro instead.....be done with it....
  12. jwyman

    Tower 3D and KSAN - PINK

    Mine came through Wilco Publishing...It stills says SP2 for Tower 3D
  13. jwyman

    Tower 3D and KSAN - PINK

    Where do you find this stuff... I have been on the Feelthere site and cant' find downloadable/support files...
  14. jwyman

    Tower 3D and KSAN - PINK

    Well that's unsat..... Not what it says on the website....Needs to be better clarified on the site

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