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  1. I saw this video on Youtube today that might be an alternative if you can't get the EXE.xml file to work. Microsoft Flight Simulator|Open all your Apps with One Click|Batch File
  2. John and Dane, The EXE.xml files I shared were all created by me based on what I saw other users doing in their setups. As I stated in my post, all 3 of the Example EXE.xml files I shared were tried and worked in my case. Including the one with the Type=" Simconnect". Example 1, (attached) is the one created by FSUIPC, edited with the individual lines shown on top of one another rather than running together. I find it easier to read this way. It has the CommandLine option (-auto) and the <NewConsole> entry. It is also the EXE.xml I am currently using. I don't fully unders
  3. John, There have been numerous posts regarding FSUIPC7 not auto starting with the MSFS EXE.xml file. I was one of them. Until today, I have not been able to get FSUIPC7 to auto start either. I followed your instructions to the letter and it didn't work. After seeing another recent post on the same subject, I decided to play with the MSFS EXE.xml file again. I have five programs that I wish to auto-start with MSFS. Three of them start every time. Two would not! FSUIPC7 being one of them. I looked on the MSFS forum to see what other users were doing and saw some different versions o
  4. John, I see no pop up error messages showing why FSUIPC7 doesn't auto-start. I own the MS Store version. It is located in the correct location. (C:\Users\****\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe) The UserCFG.opt file is also located in the LocalCache folder. If I start MSFS with either the MSFS icon or the FSUIPC7 MSFS icon linked to the MSFS.bat file, it won't auto-start FSUIPC7. I modified the MSFS.bat file per the instructions you provided to giosue and the auto-start works as it should. I am not sure why FSUIPC7 wont start via the MSFS EXE.xml. I am
  5. John, I am having the same problem as giosuepirozzi. FSUIPC7 launches fine when double-clicking the FSUIPC7.exe but it won't auto launch when I start MSFS. Attached is my EXE.xml file. I verified the FSUIPC7 installation path in the EXE.xml and it is correct. Just a side note: I have seen FSUIPC7 auto launch on the first MSFS start up of the day, but it does not auto launch on any subsequent MSFS startups. As a followup to your questions asked to giosuepirozzi: I get no errors when launching MSFS using the MSFS icon on the desktop. If I launch MSFS using the FSUIPC7 MSFS icon, it start
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