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  1. Hi Volker, Thanks for explaining this time again what you already made clear in your previous answers in this post. As a software developer myself I dare to say that I fully understand the point and therefor I fully agree that FSC is doing what it is supposed to do with the settings as shown on the screenshots I posted a couple of months ago. Now my point is that before this last revision FSC was not doing what it was supposed to do with those exact same settings. Meaning that in the previous revision the moving map was not stealing focus (and returning it). Antonio sent me the fsc.exe of previous revision and that fully confirmed what I am saying because now the only moments when FSC is stealing focus is 1. whenever there is an autodownload taking place 2. when my aircraft reaches a flightplan intersection. That's it. "Move map instead of aircraft" is checked but focus is stolen only every 3 minutes. This led me to believe that there was actually a bug in the previous revision because that is when it does not seem to do what it is supposed to do... it's just that I got used to it and therefor the 'correction' was more of an inconvenience instead of nice to have. Have a nice day Thibault Dosunmu
  2. Hello Antonio, Thanks for you input. Unfortunately I don't think this will change anytime soon as it seems Volker is standing on his position regarding the moving map correctly bringing focus to FSC window. I can live with disabling the moving map (although I agree with you that is not ideal but hey... work you way around issues :p) As I stated in my last post I actually think that the way it worked before the last revision was actually a bug which did not bring focus to the FSC windows when the map moved. If I had kept the EXE of the previous revision I would have reverted to it without hesitation, but I wasn't that smart ;p Best regards, Thibault Dosunmu
  3. Volker, Thanks for your effort, but as stated by BBQSteve these settings were no problem until this revision. My question was merely why that's the case. In the previous revision the map would take over focus in 2 situations : - A waypoint of the filed flightplan is reached - The autodownload takes place Now the focus seems to be also happening when the map simply moves in order to center the aircraft (that was definitely not the case before) I am beginning to think that the way it worked before was actually a 'bug' :p Anyway thank you for your time and support, at least I know what causes my 'problem' Thibault Dosunmu
  4. Hi Volker, Thanks for your prompt answer. My settings may possibly be off somewhere but I can only say I didn't change them since years ago (apart from the User Call sign of course). Today I need to disconnect my GPS every time I am to communicate with an ATC who's not using voice because otherwise my WideFS window (which contains the Ivap client) disappears behind the FSC window. So in a way it is workable... you know, anything has a work around but honestly knowing what I had in the previous version makes it a pain in the a.. :) Best regards, Thibault Dosunmu
  5. Here we go then... 1. Prepar3D 3.4.22 2. FSUIPC + WieFS 4.96 3. FSC is used on client PC connecting to the P3D PC using WideFS4. FS Commander and Database Manager version 9.6 Rev. 7 Build: 30-May-20165. Navigraph Airac 1702 Rev.1 6. FSC downloaded version from your website 7. Win 7 x64 8. 1 monitor on Client + 1 monitor on Server Complementary info:The problem as described was nonexistent prior to the update to the Rev 7. Thanks again. Thibault Dosunmu
  6. Hello there, this topic is tagged as "Answered" while i don't see any solution being given. I have the same problem since updating to rev. 7 It is, for the least I can say, very (as in very) frustrating to have my FSC window popping on top every 10-15 seconds! I am using FSC on a networked PC where I also have my IVAO Ivap client running. Whanever I need to type in messages on the IVAO network there is that FSC window popping up in front... Any solution here? thank you in advance. Thibault Dosunmu
  7. Hello Volker, The above link seems to be dead in the meantime. Any chance you could provide me with a new link? Many thanks in advance. Thibault Dosunmu
  8. Hi there, I'm sorry having to dig this thread up but this is the only subject I could find about my question concerning flight plan creation in FSC. I am a fairly new FSC customer but I know the convention differences between Flightaware and FSC very well (other programs usually share this same difference) and this is not a problem at all. Translating 0600N 00500W is quite easily done like 0605N but my question is wether there is a possibility the have 0630N 00500W translated into a format recognised by FSC. If that's not possible it's not a big deal, but just would like to know for sure. Thanks in advance for any information about this. Thibault Dosunmu
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