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  1. It's ok I solved the problem, it's a mistake to close Communicator before configure "Manage simobjects.cfg".
  2. Hello, I'm installing Mytraffic 6 for P3DV3; i downloaded it from Simmarket, I follow instructions but I have problem about this: If you use Prepare3D version 2.5 or 3.0, the aircraft no longer get added via FSX.cfg, but through simobject.cfg. Use the appropriate menu item to do so, called “Manage simobjects.cfg – only 2.5 and higher” repective the one fpr Prepar3D. On Communicator, "Manage simobjects.cfg" is grey and I wan't click on it. I closed Communicator but it doesn't change. How could I solve this problem? Thank you!
  3. Hello! I will install new Mytraffic6.0a, I uninstalled P3DV3 ans installed P3DV3.1, I would like to download new Mytraffic installer but I bought it on Simmarket; it's the good .exe on Simmarket?
  4. Thank you for your reply! Could you post how to install Mytraffic6 beta (your last version) on P3DV3?
  5. Hello! I follow instructions but P3DV3 crash after add Mytraffic to simobject.cfg. Do you think it's correct? (I installed Mytraffic on I) [Entry.0] PATH=I:\RealAir\Turbine Duke V2 P3D3\SimObjects\Airplanes TITLE=RealAir Turbine Duke V2 ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.1] PATH=SimObjects\Airplanes TITLE=Default Airplanes ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.2] PATH=SimObjects\Avatars TITLE=Default Avatars ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.3] PATH=SimObjects\Rotorcraft TITLE=Default Rotorcraft ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.4] PATH=SimObjects\GroundVehicles TITLE=Default Ground Vehicles ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.5] PATH=SimObjects\Boats TITLE=Default Boats ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.6] PATH=SimObjects\Animals TITLE=Default Animals ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.7] PATH=SimObjects\Misc TITLE=Default Misc ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.8] PATH=SimObjects\Submersible TITLE=Default Submersible ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.9] PATH=SimObjects\Weapons TITLE=Default Weapons ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.10] PATH=SimObjects\Countermeasures TITLE=Default Countermeasures ACTIVE=true [Entry.11] PATH=Aerosoft\Split X\simobjects TITLE=Split X ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=true [Entry.12] Title=MyTraffic Vehicles Path=I:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft Required=True Active=True
  6. Hello! I used My Traffic 6 on P3D 2.5 and now I'm installing P3D V3. Could you explain from the beginning how properly install it because I tried with last beta files but P3DV3 crashed with it. Thank you!
  7. Ok, thank you for your answer; but I don't want to spend more time to tweak FSX; I bought some Orbx scene, Majestic Dash, Duke Realair, B200Flight1, ASN, REX4, All global FTX (mesh+global+vector+LC Europe), I stock these products on external hard drive for the day i will have new computer; I go back to FS9. Sorry for taint this forum with my problems.
  8. Ok, i will try this, I'm never try to overclock my CPU, it's safe?
  9. Ok, I have i7-2600K CPU 3.40Ghz, 8Go RAM and Geforce GTX550Ti. I don't have frame rate problem, only this loading texture problem. I Bought FSX ten days ago, and lost many times to tweak it about having good FSX; before I flown on FS9 without any problem; now i have bad sensations about FSX.
  10. Hello, I'm new Mytraffi Pro user; This program run very well, but the only bad thing is the following: when i'm inside my aircraft or outside on airport, if I look around, i can see ai aircraft but textures are slowly loading; aicraft are black and texture come between 1s or 2s after; if i turn my view in front of and turne agin to the AI aircraft it's the same problem. Do you know how could i solve this problem please? Thank you!
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