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  1. Hello, I made my first own custom schedule for LFPG airport, this one is based on the FR24 schedule of 31/09/2019. The purpose of this was just to test if I could make a working file, after a successful test I decided to put it online. It is fully realistic so I did not take into account the RT liveries, some ac might be in white with no paint. The changes I made: - terminal, airplane and ga files copied from @andredragt - airports file copied from @andredragt and added missing airports - schedule files made from scratch A big thanks to @andredragt for his work, it helped a lot. Let me know what you guys think. lfpg_schedule.txt lfpg_terminal.txt lfpg_airlines.txt lfpg_airplanes.txt lfpg_airports.txt lfpg_gaandlocaltraffic.txt NOTE: after making the traffic chart I saw that there are no DEP after 13:00 LT. I checked FR24 and they didn't record anything. I will try to make one on 02/09/2019.
  2. Ok, thanks for the update. So unfortunate, KATL is by far the most challenging airport on tower!3D, and the most fun! I hope that it will be fixed, *
  3. Hello, When AC vacating runway 10/28 I order them 'taxi to terminal'. But it takes ages for them to start their taxi to the gate causing a traffic line onto the runway. Has anybody had the same issue? How can I solve it? Kind regards, Victor
  4. thank you very much for your reply, I'll try to avoid the "follow company" button, although this should be fixed but okey.
  5. first picture(filename: tttt): I this the normal line up procedure for runway 13R ? Because it seems like a really weird curve... second picture: Whenever I want to designate a taxi route and click on where the mouse is on the picture I get the "T4_5_APRON" designation, is this correct? sorry if this was allready posted, I searched for a thread containing this question but couldn't find anything. third question: Does anybody also has the problem that planes randomly line up and wait without the clearance ( mostly JBU planes )? forth question: When planes vacate the runways they taxi to far so they can't use the taxiway anymore ( in this case taxiway B ) ? I've include a third picture for this one. Thanks in advance!
  6. thanks for the tip but I just had to redownload some language packs in the setting 'app'... Now have the "no approach lines" error with EDDF, It's nice that these errors keep me going --'
  7. When I start a session with any airport I get the error mentioned in the title... Does anybody have a solution? I all ready reinstalled the speech sdk. PC specs: Tower 2011! Multiplayer with RT Windows 10 64bit Intel i7 gtx960 16gb RAM
  8. The link on wilco isn't updated, still SP2
  9. Hello, Nyerges Design have posted on their Facebook(17/06) that there is an updated version of real traffic for tower 2011. Is this updated in the wilco download section of my account? Thank you, Victor
  10. Why is this the wrong model used for the RJ1H? How can I change the model because I checked and the RJ1H 3D model does exist. -- edit:added product to subject line. please review -
  11. 1)Increase the speed of lining up and taking off? It takes ages for the planes to be ready for take off when giving the lineup command, or taking off after the cleared for takeoff command. 2)Maybe some airplanes could vacate at higher speeds out of the runway using the taxiways designed for these procedures. 3)Let us zoom in more? I don't know if there is a way to zoom in more right now so... 4)Add a separate push back and taxi clearance? That would be awesome! 5)I could be mistaking but the landing lights on aircraft aren't visible when landing and taking off at night But I really love the realism of pushing back and waiting for the aircraft to start taxiing! Good job! I'm sorry for all my remarks, I love the idea of an ATC game and would definitely buy the pro version if decent updates and features are added.
  12. But why is it cheaper on steam?
  13. Ok, I will have a look at it
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