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  1. My GoFlight Modules worked fine on FSX. I have just installed P3DV4.1 and they do not work, in spite of loading the latest GoFlight driver. I read somewhere I should download GFDE64.dll but I can't find the source. Any suggestions as to how to get my GoFlight Modules operating again. Thanks Buzz
  2. Hot brakes on new PMDG 747

    Pete, thanks for your prompt reply, I thought FSUIPC had nothing to do with my problem, I will chase it further, perhaps try a few more landings with slower speed, more reverse thrust and less brakes. Consider the post closed Regards Buzz
  3. Pete, when I land my 747 I get hot brakes, PMDG Support suggest "to rename the FSUIPC.ini file and then try it again to see if there is any change in condition and let me know" I am reluctant to do this without your guidance. Do you believe FSUIPC is delivering hard braking thus causing my brakes to glow red? And comments or suggestions welcome? Thanks Buzz
  4. No Trees on the island at Heron's Nest

    Bill I did change the season, month, date and time and it did not bring back the trees. I checked the Texture file and 003110103312223an.agn is there, to make sure I pasted it again into texture. I will send my email to you. Thanks Ken
  5. No Trees on the island at Heron's Nest

    Bill, I turned off the ORBX NA Freeware Airports and still no trees. I turned off Heron's Nest and got lots of Default trees see picture below. I guess we can leave it in the unsolved mysteries box. No need to spend more time on it. I guess another option would be to send me a patch with some plug in trees, but I don't expect any special service. Looking forward to your next release. Best regards Ken
  6. No Trees on the island at Heron's Nest

    Bill thanks for the reply it must have been late at night. No, I don't have any other add-ons that might affect this area of Maine. I have the ORBX NA Freeware Airports Pack installed. I do have ORBX "Trees" installed and the nearby islands show heaps of ORBX trees. another view, Regards ken
  7. No Trees on the island at Heron's Nest

    Bill plenty of trees on the nearby islands, Autogen set quite high. Ken
  8. Bill I tried your suggestion to start FSX a second time but no trees. Shrubs around the airstrip and house are Ok. Is there a .bgl file for the trees I could get to paste in the scenery folder to ensure trees were shown? Here is today's screenshot. None even at sea level. Thanks Ken
  9. Where is Heron's Nest?

    As an Australian I have no idea where Heron's Nest is. Does its airport have an ICAO code? May I have some directions e.g. south of Key West??? Or a Lon and Lat of its position. Regards Buzz
  10. Can't open Heron's Nest

    Bill, I simply typed .exe at the end of the download file name and bingo it worked fine. Problem solved. Thanks Buzz
  11. Can't open Heron's Nest

    Got my free download of IBHN today, (thanks) downloaded it and can't open it. Is it a zip extension, is it Rar? Advice on what to do to open and install the download please. Thanks Buzz