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  1. I had something similar to that in the .ini at one point but I could never actually get it to transfer into the game. How I do make FSUIPC load the new .ini edits?
  2. I have tried Googling and searching through the documentation for an answer but I have found nothing that I can understand. My request is to set up one button to do engine 1 and 2 decrease then another button for engine 3 and four decrease. Right now I have this. Button 4 does engine 1 and button 3 does engine two. 0=R1,4,C65966,0 1=R1,3,C65971,0 Here it is when I set up button 4 to do engine 3 decrease and button 3 to do engine 4 decrease. 0=R1,4,C65976,0 1=R1,3,C65981,0 How do I mix those so button 4 will control 1 & 2 while button 3 controls engine 3 & 4? I have tried 0=R1,3,C65966,0 1=R1,3,C65971,0 But I never could get it to take hold. I saved the file then opened and closed the FSUIPC module then tested it to no effect. Sometimes the file was even modified by FSUIPC back to the other version even though I never changed anything in FSUIPC itself. Do I continue to number them, as in 0 1 2.... for keys that I want to have multiple effects? Or do I go 0(button3) 0(button3) 1(button4) 1(button4)?
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