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  1. Is there anything we can do/ copy over as the a320 lights works great? Thanks Ollie
  2. It's strange as if you use ut2, the lights are great in p3d v3 but the schedules are out of date, theres no cargo and the traffic dissappear for me on long hauls. Rubbish imho. If you can help us get the p3d v3 lights any good this will be perfect
  3. Hi all. Here's a video of the my traffic a320 with the strobe but the others without? Any ideas where it's getting it from? https://youtu.be/knJsh7KHLdc
  4. all, my findings are things work fine except for the lights, but only on certain mt6 aircraft. the a320 seems to be perfect: however any other mt6 aircraft doesnt have the lights visable, in comparison to the mt6 a320 and the standard p3d v3 lights: can you guide me of how to replicate the a320 lights on all other mt6 aircraft? thanks ollie
  5. Thanks for the response :) I'll get some videos as I think there's some variation. I'm seeing some aircraft at a real good distance away approx 7 miles with the strobe on. Will get a video to share Cheers Ollie
  6. Is there any way we could just get the default a.i strobes onto the mytraffic aircraft?
  7. i cant get this to install. only got spring 2015
  8. The standard a.i look fine sir, it's the my traffic ones which struggle at a distance. Can you not just copy the lighting from the default a.i?
  9. ive installed this burkhard but it still says its mt6 and not 6a and doesnt have the summer schedule listed? i put the downloaded file in my mytraffic6 folders and double clicked it?
  10. It's installing fine guys however at night or dawn/dusk, the standard ai is showing its lights at a distance, but the my traffic aircraft still only show the lights when they are really close If you can fix the lighting from a distance via an update that'd make it perfect :) Any thoughts?
  11. burkhard, a few have tried adding shockwave lights in, is that a good/bad idea?
  12. Hi all, I created a new cfg and ran the dx10 flightplans and also added the cfg tweak. Im now getting aircraft stuck on the runway when approaching and they dont move. Any ideas? Thanks Ollie
  13. Hi all Created a new .cfg, imported the routes again and added the cfg line however whem approach egll and egnx ive had an aircraft stuck on the runway each time when landing. Any ideas? Thanks Ollie
  14. Thanks all. Thats what im trying to find to fix. In the models does anyone know where the lights are coded?
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