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  1. Hi. All of these spots are designated DHL cargo in the afcad file...but the spots are still filled with AC that don't have that code... How do I stop aircraft from being in spots they are not coded for? Thanks.
  2. mllgrennman

    "Family portrait"

    Hi. How can I get all of my add on planes to be parked at the same airport at the same time? I would like to take a "family portrait!"
  3. mllgrennman

    Download section not working.

    Hi. For me there is no way to download from the download section...There is text but no links.
  4. Hi. FSC downloads to the right directory, but the plan does not load in flightsim.
  5. mllgrennman

    Changing ICAO

    Hi. How do I change WRRR to WADD? (Traffic tools did not recognize any of the traffic BGL's.)
  6. mllgrennman

    cant get planes to show!

    I localized my traffic and fsx...i go to manage fsx cfg...when i hit "add my traffic"...it says "my traffic directory already exists and does not need to be added"... i add my traffic manually...but no planes yet...just fsx default traffic
  7. mllgrennman

    Wilco Airbus help please!

    i cant find it there?...just a Wilco 737 forum... Do you know anything about the Airbus not holding localiser on final?...I'm wide right every time...
  8. mllgrennman

    Wilco Airbus help please!

    their responses are somewhat generic...i was hoping for an unofficial community forum somewhere?
  9. mllgrennman

    Wilco Airbus help please!

    Hi...I can't find a forum anywhere for support for the Wilco Airbus. Where is the best place to go? Thanks.
  10. Mt CS 757 will CTD in cruise with version 3.999...every time...(FMC gauge unload) I installed version 3.9.0 to resolve as advised by captain sim...and then shes good all the way... But now PF3 and FDC both wont work...i get a "wrong FSUIPC" error when I try to load them What to do! (this is FS9)
  11. mllgrennman

    ERJ 145 Extreme Climb at GS capture

    What would make the ERJ go into an extreme climb at GS capture?
  12. mllgrennman

    What is this data? SPD CMD

    it actually works perfectly on this plane...other than influencing the nav track...which is not one of the CP tasks
  13. mllgrennman

    Airbus Regular To Deluxe

    I'd like to upgrade from the regular addition to the deluxe addition without having to buy the whole package...I already have the regular package and only need the A319. Is this possible? (Sorry if I am in the wrong forum, but the Wilco forum is not listed on the Wilco site...And Wilco has not answered my email about this for months.) Thanks.
  14. mllgrennman

    What is this data? SPD CMD

    Interfere, not interface!...the program i am using is PF3..it works well with all planes except feelthere...im trying to see what it is about the feelthere planes that gets corrupted by it...
  15. mllgrennman

    What is this data? SPD CMD

    i noticed that climb data refreshes during flight....any theories how an external Co-pilot add-on could interfere with this process?

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