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  1. It exist, check this out : http://www.wideview.it/fsearth/ Don't know if this is possible from within FSC 9.0 ?
  2. Check this site : http://pcsupport.about.com/od/windowsxpocus01.htm Using Tweak UI seems to help FSC from stealing the focus. Task bar is stil flashing, but no longer stealing the focus!
  3. I have asked this question a time ago, and this was the answer Sasha gave me : viewtopic.php?f=155&t=69581
  4. Well, i had the same problem, the brakes releasing only the first time using this new function. But with this new version 3.945 it seems to be fixed, thanks Peter. FS9.1 ; FSUIPC 3945 ; Win XP Pro SP3
  5. [Alt + Tab] works for me
  6. Correct me if i am wrong, but afaik one can see the traffic from further distance than 10 miles, only, they are so small that you can only see the lights of that trafic by night! But the labels are only visile within 10 miles. Don't think this can be changed.
  7. We have already a moving map, the ultimum would be a rotating map :twisted:
  8. Can you tell us when the fix will be available? Will it be an update or interim version or are you looking for a new "full" version? Edit : OK please ignore, i was to quick and not read the pdf providing the changes. Thanks Pete :)
  9. Arming and disarming AT (on MCP-panel) can easely be done via the PMDG-menu\keyboard assignment , look for "MCP - press AT". I the event of a aborted TO, you have to assign at key-command to the option "MCP Abort TO / Discon AT". If you have no aborted TO, you can press this same button to disconnect AT (on landing) Then you program these two assignments to your hardware. I use this all the way without using FSUIPC (sorry Pete :? )
  10. I am flying online (IVAO) and use windsmooting to prevent sudden changes etc... Now when appraoching the arrival airport i change these wind smootings to a value witch change wind faster so i have the correct wind when on final. With a direct access to the wind tab i can do these changes a little bit faster (without "hanging" a few seconds with traffic behind me). That's all. Nothing important. It was just an idea, nothing more. With the current situation i can handle the changes in less than 2 sec, so don't think this will be seen by other users ... Thanks anyway...
  11. Hi Pete and others, First of all a happy newyear to all of you :D Using FS 9.1 - FSUIPC version 3853 I am using in the ini-file the folowing option : MainMenu=FS&UIPC … So i have direct acces to the FSUIPC-interface => about & register window (default) However, is there a setting so i have direct acces to the [wind]-settings window (or any other) instead of using the standard windows command "Ctrl + tab" or "Ctrl + shft + tab" ?
  12. Well, i have to say that in my setup i have the same behaviour, althoug not as bad as in David's situation. I have Win XP SP3, FS9.1 with latest FSUIPC, latest WideFS (using networked client PC), FSC and my setting are as stated in the manual. When starting FSC on my flightsim PC, this behaviour is a little bit better than on my client PC. In fact, it is normal when starting in other than maximised window (**you know, those three buttons on top right of the window, NOT the reduced window in FSC !) but when i go to maximise window, it "cuts" a part of the underside of the window (i can still read the numbers and it is not so bad as in David's case (unable to post a screenie). I can live with it, but anyway ...
  13. Hi all, Well, by downgrading i don't mean FSC itself, but the flight sim version it is related to. I have installed FSX and FSC (for FSX), but am not satisfied with my flightsim. Now i want to revert to FS9 (and deinstalling FSX. My question is do i have to reinstal FSC (for FS9) or is there a way to make FSC read the data for FS9 instead of FSX (without a reinstall of FSC)? I have the latest versions and patches for FSC (8.4.1 build 091208).
  14. OK, thank you Tobi, i will give it a try :?
  15. Thank you Tobi, altought i don't understand exactly what to do, sorry ...
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