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  1. Hi Pete Problem is solved :razz:. I made a new .ini-File. And then I assigned and calibrated all axes. I think the Problem was my .ini-File. Thom
  2. Ok: Page 1 works fine. Page 2: NO reaction when pushing set button 'Left Brake' and 'Right Brake'. And also: 'Prop pitch out' and 'Min-Set' written in grey instead of black. Pages 3-11 are working also fine. At every assigned and calibrated item is written '..... (direct!)'; Ailerons (direct!), Elevator (direct!), Rudder (direct!), Throttle (direct!), Prop pitch (direct!), Mixture (direct!), Left brake (direct!), Right brake (direct!). Thom
  3. I've assigned the brake axes direct to FSUIPC, like the rudder axis. All joystickcontrols in FSX are disabled and deleted. I use the drop-down selection 'LeftBrake' for the X-axis and 'RightBrake' for the Y-axis. When I want to press the Set button nothing happens. Thom
  4. Help! I have assigned the axis in FSUIPC 4.937 with my CH-Pedals: x: leftbrake y: rightbrake z: rudder To assign these axis worked fine. But there is a problem with the calibration of the brake-axis: I can only calibrate the z-axis (Rudder) with the set-button. When I want to calibrate the x- and y-axes (brake-axes), then it's written 'axis not processed' in the joystick calibration-register. I can't even activate the calibraton by pushing on the set-button. Thanks for helping me, Thomas
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