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  1. Yes, this is another solution. Thank you. I find another, just asign the rudder axis with FSUIPC, then i disconnect it from the sim with offset 310A.There is many ways to do it. I decide to use this last option. Now all is program and tested. It work fine Robert
  2. I have the PMDG737 and i build a home simpit with SIOC. I get a nose wheel steering for my 737 simpit and i want to use it as real as posible. PMDG do not simulate the nose wheel steering. So i need to program this with SIOC. I need tree variables. The axis of the nose wheel steering (i have it), the IAS (I have it) and the axis of the rudder pedals. I found a solution, asign the rudder pedals axis to the engine number 4. This event is not used in the 737.
  3. Hello, Is there some variable with the axis data of my rudder pedals, even if there are not assigned to any event in the sim or in FSUIPC? Robert
  4. Yes, now i see the post. Then Burkhard have to delete all the information from the MT6 manual, and delete the option to set live trafic in schedule. This confuse users like me. Make me loose my time, and AirNav time. But not his time, he do not even answer me.
  5. The MT6 manual explain how to set MyTraffic Live. And in MyTraffic 6.0 Communicator i can set live schedule and download the Live AirNav data from my account. What is exactly not compatible? Where did you find this information?
  6. Did you use Mytraffic Live in some point? I find the AirNav Live traffic do that, many departures a few arrivals. Is not easy to back to "default" schedule like "summer 2015". I think the problem is you are using the shedule of your last AirNav data dowloaded.
  7. Hello I give a try to the AirNav live traffic,i get the 15days demo, but is not what i expect. The traffics do not have to do nothing with real live traffic (at least en Europe), no one of the IA planes match with the real planes. I want to back to "summer 2015" traffic, but just selecting it in schedule do not work, still using the last airnav live traffic that i download. do i need to delete the file that AirNav live install in the MyTraffic/Scenery folder? I do not find nothing about this in the manual. How to go back from "Live Traffic" to "summer 2015"? thanks Robert
  8. Hello I use MTX5.4 for long time, and now i get MTX6 in simmarket a few days ago, The installation was OK but i have some problem with the fsx.cfg file and other addons i have voxatc and supertrafficboard and they do not find the aircraft folder because the double quote: SimObjectPaths.6="D:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft" Why did you use double quote in new version? Can i delete the double quote? it will cause any problem in the fsx or My Taffic 6 instalation? Thanks Robert
  9. Thanks Volker, that was the problem. Now everithing is ok and i can see all the airports in FSC. I download FSC from here a few days ago: http://fscommander.com/download.htm ¿This is not the last version?
  10. Ok i contact by email better. I send you all the info in a few minuts Thanks Robert
  11. Hello, i buy FSC 9.6 but i have some problems with missing airports, for exemple: ZPLJ and ZLYL from Skysoft. I run the FSCDbManager, but FSC allway say: "No airport for this ICAO code found !!" The airports are installed in fsx/addon scenery fonder.
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