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  1. I have MTXV52-for_FSX. This is not installed and I don't want to install it. I would like to purchase a supported version for P3D v2.2. What do you suggest?
  2. Unfortunately I can't not manage to check the menu item GPS --> Show Position in Google Earth, because it's greyed out all the time. Please advice.
  3. Hi Volker, I sent the requested details. I am looking forward to a solution.
  4. I like flying in Australia with the wonderful sceneries from Full Terrain Experience FTX. I downloaded and installed 169 free airports from OZx 2.0. After updating the FSC database 8.4 the airport Tyagarah is not included in the data base, but in the FSX it’s there: My actual Scenery.cfg is located in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Fsx\ It contains the correct entry: [Area.134] Title=OZx_AUS Local=D:\FSX-Erweiterung\Addon Scenery\OZx_AUS Layer=147 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE How can we tackle this challenge?
  5. Come on Burkhard, this package has been written for FSX using the MyTraffic X utilities. Don't score an own goal! :lol: :shock: Nevertheless I converted the "traffic.bgl" of the "Swiss_AI" package with the "bglfpfsxconvert" utility. And BINGO, all traffic packages peacefully coexist now. 8) So far so good. Suppose I would like to have military traffic in another country. Is there an easy and straight forward way to select some military aircrafts and all military airports of a specified country and then create a "traffic.bgl" with nice flight plans? Your help is highly appreciated.
  6. Hello AI traffic gurus, I like GA traffic and have different solutions installed: MyTrafficX, World of AI and FSX_GA-Traffic from Martin Brunner. They all peacefully coexist. However, when the package "swiss_ai" from Henk Altena is installed, then only this traffic is visible but all the others are dead. :oops: This is annoying. I would like to use the "swiss_ai" package together with other AI traffic. Any advice?
  7. Die Scenerybibliothek "MyTraffic" war nicht eingetragen. Nachdem ich sie eingetragen und aktiviert habe, läuft dieses Add-on. Danke für den guten Rat. :wink:
  8. Die Installation auf meinem deutschen FSX ist scheinbar gut verlaufen. Der Folder \MyTraffic sieht soweit gut aus. FSX.cfg und dll.xml im User Profile habe ich nach den Vorgaben modifiziert. Im FSX erscheint die Traffic Tool Box, allerdings nur mit einem Flugzeug in EDDF: Auch der FSX-Verkehr ist verschwunden. Wie kann hier Abhilfe geschaffen werden?
  9. Läuft eigentlich MyTraffic X autonom oder wird FSUIPC 4.0 benötigt?
  10. Thanks, jwenting. Meanwhile I got a new CD of Vol. 1 from an authorized dealer, which I installed successfully. 1) I could download and install patches / updates from FScene.com. 2) Works fine with FS Global 2005 and MyWorld 2005 landclasses. 3) Doesn't affect clouds. ASV works fine. 4) Doesn't affect water. Waterzone works fine. 5) Is it this folder only: Scenery/world/texture ???? I like the product very much!
  11. Hi Hartely,What a genius hint. You have tackled my challenge. I had installed 3 patches but not this one because I thought it's rather old and should not be needed with my new CD. I very much like these ground textures. Great work!
  12. Hello, Unfortunately I could not find a solution to my challenge neither in the FAQ nor in the search function. I just installed - FScene 3D Vol.1 Europa und Afrika with patches fscene2004-all-patch-02, fscene2004-trees-rivers and patch-eur-spring-v205. Then I got this surpsise. How can FScene recover from this disturbing pattern?
  13. Hello, I intend to buy the whole world with 3 boxed products: - FScene 3D Vol.1 Europa und Afrika - FScene 3D Vol. 2 Nord- und Südamerika - FScene 3D Vol. 3 Asien, Australien + Neuseeland 1) Are different versions existing (Ebay)? Can I register on page FScene.com and then download all patches and updates? Which patches and updates would be needed? 2) Is it fully compatible to FS Global 2005 and MyWorld 2005 landclasses? 3) Are cloud textures not affected at all so that the installed ASV clouds won't be touched 4) Are water textures not affected at all so that I can independently install any water texture Ilike, e. g. waterzone? 5) In which FS2004 directories are the FScene textures installed?
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