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  1. Hi everyone, I have been attempting to install FSUIPC into FSX-SE for more than two hours now and I just can't get it working. Basically, the following error message appears every time I attempt to start the sim: When "yes" is selected the sim crashes almost instantly. What I have checked so far: - FSXSE and P3DV2 are installed, but not the boxed version of FSX. - the registry has the following entries for FSX: (AppPath is correct) - The FSUIPC.dll is installed correctly into the FSX/modules folder. - The DLL.XML in AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/FSX-SE has the correct entry for FSUIPC: I have a registered/paid version of FSUIPC if that makes a difference. Here is the installer log file for FSUIPC (username edited out): And this is the FSUIPC4.fsx.log: What I have tried so far: - deleted all FSUIPC files in FSX/modules - deleted the entire FSX and FSX-SE folders in AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/ - ran FSX-SE to re-create the FSX-SE folder - installed FSUIPC (antivirus off, ran the installer "as admin") - started FSX-SE again which, unfortunately, does not work either. I simply don't understand why it doesn't work as everything seems to be installed correctly. If anyone has an idea what could be wrong here, please let me know... any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Steve
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