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  1. Paul, this is awesome, is it an open source project at all?
  2. Thanks for the assistance Pete, its much appreciated.
  3. Thanks Pete, have you ever seen it happen where FSUIPC could possibly report a crash while the simulator doesn't show the user a crash at all? Thanks,
  4. Pete, I am currently responsible for programming for the FS-Duenna application used to validate flights in the flight simulator round the world race as well as various other events. Now my question is in regards to offset 0840 which is the crashed flag, how exactly are you deriving this value within FSUIPC? and is it different at all between FS9/FSX/P3D V2/V3? An issue cropped up this weekend which I've been trying to figure out. A Pilot landed at an airport and rolled out but the Duenna reported a crash. The duenna only reports a crash if offset 0840 becomes a 1 at any point in time during the flight. The pilot was using Prepar3D V2 at the time, not sure if it was V2.4 or 2.5 if that matters. So is it possible that this offset can become a 1 without Prepar3D showing the user a crash? Thanks for any input you can provide.
  5. Good Morning Paul. First off great DLL, fabulous work on it. My question is related to the FlightSim Enum you have which includes FSX_SE. I am using your DLL v 3.0.5534.8. The issue I am having is that when you call FSUIPCConnection.FlightSimVersionConnected it will not return FSX_SE while running FSX:SE v 10.0.62608.0 which as of today is the latest I believe. I am curious why this is? Its not the end of the world if it doesnt work as I can go pull Offset 3308 and 3124 to find out myself if needed but I was hoping your method would return the answer. It is essential to know which FlightSim is running in the application I am making. Thanks, Eamonn Watson
  6. Much Appreciated Pete, keep up the good work. Eamonn
  7. What is the offset that is used to distinguish between P3D V1 and V2? I can't seem to find it anywhere and I've read most of this forum and all the documentation, it is possible I might have missed it.
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